20 Gorgeous Living Room Furniture Arrangements

Today, we will be posting pictures about living room furniture arrangements. These are pretty interesting photos because we get to see however common we think interior design is, we will be able to notice that each furniture, each decor, each plant inside a living room was planned to serve the homeowners with comfort and yet still be in style.

These 20 Gorgeous Living Room Furniture Arrangements show how chairs or sofas were placed where they are maybe because of lighting or even to avoid too much light. Even when we think that arrangement is merely placing items in areas which we wanted, it’s not always the case, take a look at our collection.


furniture arrangement designs

Jeffrey King Interiors

One cool thing about modern furniture is that some of them are multi-purpose, just like the center table that has storage boxes underneath it that can be used as stools too!

Belgrade Living Room

cow leather


How do you like the cow leather in the middle of the coffee table? It gives off a masculine feel but at the same time, it neutralizes all the greys and blacks in the room.

Boston Family Room

decorative pillows

Rachel Reider Interiors

Just by looking at this living room space we can see how much thought was used to combine all this decorative pillows, stunning drapes and unique pieces of furniture.

Boston Modern Living Room

Greek rug motif

Eleven Interiors

Did you notice the contemporary interpretation of the designers of the classic Greek key motif for the rug? It was made especially for the client. The choices of the furniture and decor was handpicked for the owners enjoyment.

Laurelhurst House

exposed beams

COOP15 Architecture

Notice the exposed beams that complement the space open in the upper portion of the wall for passive lighting. It’s good for saving energy especially in the morning. The accent Pierre Paulin Orange Slice Chair looks stunning in this almost all-grey living room.

Lincoln Place

furniture designs

Ownby Design

Do you like the Dunn Edwards Cream Wave color for the walls? They look awesome paired with the furniture available for this living room. Even the fireplace with stacked split face Marbella stone look incredible.

Magnusson Residence

modern fireplace


A modern fireplace in front of the multi-colored area rug breaks the difference between the white contemporary sofa and the black leather sofa matched with red velvet throw pillows complete another modern living in Vancouver.

Modern House

outdoor terrace

The Anderson Studio

According to the designers, this marsh-side home strongly embraces native landscape using a strictly modern aesthetic. The owner, an amateur astronomer, requested the architecture be invigorating and dynamic and include a telescope platform and lap pool. The building comprises a tower, a bridge, a suspended living room above the outdoor terrace, and a guest wing. The arrangement of spaces and cladding strategically create privacy, simultaneously providing unobstructed views of the marsh and surrounding landscape.

Modern Media Room

mat lacquer structure


Media unit with white mat lacquer structure and bio alcohol burning fireplace in Silver Shine Stone. Sliding doors in white under painted glass.

Orange County Penthouse

furniture arrangement designs

Frank Pitman Designs

A contemporary penthouse with a stunning view. The conversation area of this living room sits on a custom raised platform covered in shag carpet, thus, the view can be enjoyed from the seated position. Built-ins surrounded by windows wrap the corner area, which includes a bar, reclaimed wood shelves that slide out for display, and sculpture.

Portland Apartment

yellow ceiling

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

This living room is facing north so the designers chose a soft yellow for the ceiling to bring about warmth. The grey walls made the room really homey since it is close to the colors that the furniture and decors have.

Rocky Mountain

living room decorations

Meritage Homes

All the decorations in this living room give us a great example of contemporary living. From the beige patterned curtains, beige sofa, industrial coffee table, white leather armchair and a glam wall decor. All of which look stunning with the brown colored walls.


granite fireplace

Portico Design Group

Gorgeous granite was used around the fireplace which made the room more modern and rather refreshing to the eyes. The white, black and grey motif of this living room show sophistication and class.

Sierra Showhome

armillary sphere floor lamps

Morrison Homes

We love the great bold choices done for this living room – like the armillary sphere floor lamps that makes this room a bit industrial but by checking the furniture with the beige armchairs and brown leather sofa, this living space is indeed contemporary.

Sipario Entertainment Unit

entertainment unit


Custom, made to measure, entertainment unit in walnut. Components include: base with drawers or drawer/hinged front combination; four door overhead unit with interior shelf; solid walnut panel to accommodate wall-hung television; walnut shelf. Components can be combined as shown or sold separately.

South Boston Living Room

Grass color walls

Jace Interiors

Do you like the Benjamin Moore’s Barley Grass color for the walls? It suits the colors of the white sofa, beige accent chair, round ottoman and the cutesy folding screen. Even the area rug says a lot about this small living room – engaging and cool to the eyes.

South Hampton

sofas and chairs designs

Content Architecture

This room has the best components completing a modern look. The sofas and chairs look great in between a black and white printed rug. The black floating shelves are plain gorgeous.

Spice Warehouse Tribeca Loft

dark brown pillars

Marie Burgos Design

How do you find living rooms in New York that brings dark brown pillars, exposed brick wall, glass cabinets and industrial bookshelf look as stunning as this? Marie Burgos did a great job!

Sue De Chiara’s Home

abstract art decor

Muse Interiors

A fabulous home that makes contemporary living as lovely as we can possibly imagine. The abstract art looks good above the fireplace mantel made of stunning granite. Even the chaise can serve two purposes – for sitting, and a daybed.

Wellington Residence

furniture arrangement designs


As featured in Style At Home Magazine, the fresh, white framed artwork adds contrast on the living room wall, and the gold tones of the artwork are harmonious with the warm colours of the room.

How did that go for you guys? We super liked this collection because of the ways we can put our furniture and what was more interesting are the furniture themselves! The designers chose great ones for their clients. The 20 Gorgeous Living Room Furniture Arrangements is definitely for keeps. Check out living Rooms with black motifs and tell us what you think.