15 Pretty Living Room Windows

There are different kinds of windows we can use in our homes. It could be that the designer picked the ones that we have now, or maybe a personal choice. They vary in sizes, shapes and use, but whether we chose them for convenience, aesthetics or safety, one thing is for sure, they make walls more bearable.

In today’s article, we will be able to see some samples of windows that is commonly used in our homes. From casement windows, to an all-glass floor-to-ceiling ones, to transom windows and even sliding. Check out this 15 Pretty Living Room Windows and have fun!

Algodon House

living room windows

Karin Payson Architecture + Design

The large glass windows definitely gives this room a view of the outside and great day lighting.

Bristol Circle

natural lights

Studio William Hefner

Like the living room before this, this home has one wall of windows that fill up the room with day light! Something not all homes are designed for – which actually helps one place to save energy during the day.

Busch House

floor-to-ceiling windows

Vega Architecture

This Busch House has this wonderfully made floor-to-ceiling windows that come with great wood work for the window frames. Really gorgeous colors mix well together with the interiors.

Christensen Remodeling

Warm wood

Genesis Architecture

Warm wood gives off a great feel to this living room. The big windows also create a certain drama per room, in this case, it brings out the beauty of the furniture and furnishings this space has.

Day Residence

blue slate window

Duncan Nequette

Looking at this living room, it feels really comfy with its rustic vibe. The blue slate window trim just matched the wood walls and pretty fireplace.

Forest House


McClellan Architects

One great thing about this living room is the clerestory. Even when huge windows are great, or even the floor-to-ceilings one, nothing beats a clerestory – it does not only give light during the day, but it also a great source of ventilation – day or night!

Minneapolis Traditional Living Room

authentic traditional design

Lindus Construction

Here is another example of a living room with a clerestory. It makes the room really authentic traditional because of the materials used in construction and even in the furniture.

Minnetonka Shingle-Style

living room windows

TEA2 Architects

With the great view upfront, who wouldn’t want to stay in this home? The huge windows was custom made to make sure that the home owners would be able to take advantage of this masterpiece.

Phoenix Custom Residence

window treatment

PHXARCH | Phoenix Architecture

The window treatment for this living room is really stunning. The casement floor-to-ceiling windows matched the long and printed draperies. The furniture and decor for this area is indeed a beauty.

Portland Traditional Living Room

cedar key color

Garrison Hullinger

The cedar key color for the walls look lovely with the darker colored furniture used for this living room. The treatment for the windows does a really great job in accumulating as much light in morning for great day lighting.

Rocky Ledge Living Room

white paints

LDA Architecture & Interiors

The white paint for the walls looks like it’s Valspar’s Clean White which definitely works well with the brown sofa and the greyish winged back chairs. The windows plays a vital role in making all these colors work together.

Savannah Showhome

living room beams

Morrison Homes

We like how the beams for this living room is exposed yet still managed to keep the things that ought to be hidden. The dark floors, fireplace mantel, the decorative pillows and sunburst mirror makes this living room really pretty. The floor-to-ceiling windows are stunning too.


charcoal hardwood

Tehama Homes

This living room is already gorgeous on its own. From the lovely furniture and cute plants around. The windows even have transoms that make it more pretty. We totally love the fireplace and charcoal hardwood.

The Residence

horse blinders concept

Hufft Projects

According to the designers of this home, they used a concept of “horse blinders” wherein they put focus on what should be seen and what should be hidden. They used this concept with the window treatment – opening the windows where there is a view of the lake, and putting solid walls on the areas that prevent the homeowners of having their privacy.

Traditional Living Room

living room windows

Designing Solutions

The Benjamin Moore Salisbury Green colored walls definitely bring out the color of the window frames! These windows have unique treatments which make it really special.

In our generation, it is rare that we see windows that aren’t made of glass. Aside from it is aesthetically appealing, it makes the views in our lawns really lovely. The 15 Pretty Living Room Windows are just a few of the designs that are used in our day, try checking other pictures and see what more you can learn. Look at our list of industrial living room designs and other lists that we have! Be sure to have fun!