20 Stunning Purple Lamps in the Living Rooms

Add subtle touches of purple in the living room with table lamps.

Lamps are one of the things in the living room that I feel is not as necessary as a couch or a coffee table but then again, they add light and beauty to our spaces and I think that it’s a wonderful thing. Today, we would be showcasing a list of the beautiful things that add an awesome look to our already pretty living spaces that we have prepared today.

Below is a list of wonderful spaces of 20 Stunning Purple Lamps in the Living Rooms. I wanted to be really specific and showcase just tables lamps or just floor lamps but it was kind of hard to do – so, this is a list of purple lamps in living rooms which could either be a table lamp or a floor lamp. So, just check this list out and tell me what you think!

purple lamp living

1. Cliveden Place

Cliveden Place

Duck and Shed

First on the list is a stunning living room which I think is super gorgeous! Look at the pieces of furniture that this living room has and the way everything in here looks expensive. Of course beautiful things doesn’t have to be expensive, but then again, most of the expensive stuff are the prettiest.

2. Jefferson Pointe

Jefferson Pointe

Lowery Design Group

This is what I think charming means. Nothing is overpowering; nothing is overshadowing something else in here. The colors used in here are quite a treat too; it is not painful to the eyes and everything in here just seems so calm – something we need in every space in the house! Because who needs stress, right?

3. Kilburn Apartment

Kilburn Apartment

Clare Gaskin

The painting on the wall sure is pretty and interesting. I am totally unknowledgeable about arts but I know that its main goal is to make you feel something – and that painting sure gives me a lot of feeling broiling in my tummy. Or am I just hungry? Anyways, I think that this living room showcases a lot of colors that we can see both on the painting and on the pillows.

4. McFarlin Residence

McFarlin Residence

M. Barnes & Co.

Pretty cool living room right? Know what I noticed the first time I actually saw this photo? That this space is just symmetrical! Although the arm chairs on each side of the couch is different from one another – this entire thing looks really balanced and calming – well, at least for me. That’s how I feel with this one.

5. The Railyards

The Railyards

Rooms That Work

The lamps in this living room are really fascinating. The color of the drum is just so cute and charming – even the bottom part is kind of pretty too; even the girl on the painting agrees with me! This living room is kind of small but could surely seat a couple of people comfortably!

6. Apartment in Moscow

Apartment Moscow

Alenina Tatiana

I know that lighting is a very good part of design and photography. As much as I think that this Moscow living room is real neat and pretty, I wish that they did something with the lighting even just for this photo. I mean, people can surely give better comments on this photo if the lighting was a bit better because everything in here looks real adorable!

7. Chelsea

Helene Dabrowski

Helene Dabrowski Interiors

Notice how the purple lamp in here seems to have chicken or rooster legs for the part that holds the drum head of the lamp? I might just be imagining it but look at it! This cute Chelsea home is just so charming, I actually want to live in here! The size of this living seems a good benchmark as to how big this home is; and I like it already!

8. Fulmer Grange

Fulmer Grange

Oakeve Interiors

This living room is everything! The furniture choice as well as the decors in here is just wonderfully chosen and used inside this space! I think that the lamps look like they are the staple of the entire space and I love it! Notice what I’m saying?

9. Sausalito

Chambers Chambers

Chambers + Chambers Architects

I find the photo or painting on the wall interesting (the one behind the couch and closest to the window). It somehow looks like painting of flowers and it just feels wonderful to look at. It isn’t so calming or anything but I think that it just is nice to see paintings like this one.

10. Eichler’s Disco

Eichler Disco

Alison Damonte Design

I got an angle of these beautiful lamps and I think that the details on them are somehow similar to galaxy photos you can see in books and in the internet. The way the color violet, lavender and purple were used is just stunning!

11. Modern Parisian Bungalow

Parisian Bungalo

Minhnuyet Hardy Interiors

This is one living room that I think is just homey and lovely! The colors in here are simple yet they bring the beauty of everything with each other. The paintings on the wall and the lamps in here just look fabulous!

12. Jeanine Hays Orchid Purple

Jeanine Hays

Lamps Plus

When I saw the purple lamp in this living room, I was just blown away! The family of lavender and lilac and purple sure is evident which could mean that the home owner actually loves this color and likes to share it with the people who visit their home.

13. Sandymount House

Sandymount House

Kevin Kelly Interiors

Any color that belongs to the family of violet – like lilac and purple or lavender seems to really look like royalty. Like this living room, we can see how the color purple makes this space look real fancy.

14. Pubillones

Accents Pubillones

Daniel Newcomb

This space looks real mature for me. I think maybe because of the colors and prints seen in here – or well, the overall look and aura of this space really. If you lived in this home, I think people would really feel grown up but happy altogether.

15. Treyburn Great Room

Treyburn Great

Sew Fine II Custom Window Treatments and Interiors

Do you like the way they played with textures in this place? From the details on the pillows to the flowers on the wall – I think this is one beautiful home with all the right choices. The paintings on the wall beside the lavender wall with the flowers look really exquisite! I love it!

16. Grey and Purple Transitional Living Room

Design Development

Design Development

Whenever I see living rooms that have doors, archways or any sort of opening connecting it to a dining room reminds me of English movies wherein most homes have that connecting doors. In the modern age of design, open concepts or floor plans are more common.

17. La Maison

La Maison

Catherine Nguyen Photography

With a wall filled with pictures, painting or whatnot, this is one living room that surely showcases depth and understanding. I love how they played with contrasting and complementing colors which definitely makes this living room beautiful!

18. Violet Hotel

Violet Hotel

PowerSmith Design

I know that the purple lamp is far away in this photo, but I think that it is evident and clear. I wish that we could have a closer photo but I was not able to get it and this photo looks pretty neat as it is – what do you think? We have a nice seating area with enough lighting and stunning decors.

19. Fashion Purple Home

Fashion Purple

Professional Lighting Co.

I think that this floor lamp is just pretty and oozing with charisma and great looks! I might have said that too much but all in all, this space is basically selling us the purple lamp which I think is great. The neat couch beside the lamp is quite interesting too – it kind of looks like it can be made into a day bed of some sort.

20. Colourful Regency Home

Home Cheltenham

Beltaine Designs

Is there such a thing as too much purple? This home sure does not think that! From the couches to the lamps and even to the painting on the wall, I think the homeowner is crazy about this color and I think it’s just too cute not to actually love this color!

There is nothing much to say except that this list is quite an interesting one for me. This color is like the combination of the red and blue and it’s just too nice. Whether you are into this color or not, I think there are tons of beautiful lavender or purple things in the world that you need to actually see; just like the the combination of pink and gold!