23 Stunning Green Sofa Living Room

Green used to be my favorite color; this time around, I realized my younger sister actually loved it way more than I used to love it because she buys things for her apartment that are mostly green – unlike me who just bought green clothes, shoes and bags while my sister buys green containers, cheese grater, can openers and green decorations.

Having favorite colors is a great thing because it usually is the basis of how you decorate your home. You buy things for the house that is of the shade you want and just play with it. Of course, it is not always the case, sometimes; you just want to add that favorite color as an accent in your space like a sofa! Take a look at the living spaces we have below with the green sofas as their accent color in the area, check it out!

green sofa living room

1. 7th Avenue Parkway Contemporary Remodel

green sofa designs

Gruber Home Remodeling

This vintage green soda sure looks stunning against the printed armchair and area carpet.

2. Calvin Street

Large living room

Chris Dyson Architects

Large living room with awesome drum pendant lights; the green sectional sure covers the entire space for great seating for the guests.

3. Cliff Hanger

moss green sectional

Roger Turk/Northlight

We see a moss green sectional facing the large windows that this awesome home has; we see a great view in here too!

4. Condo Renovation

condominium design

Capsule Designs

The stairs actually look distracting but this sweet condominium sure is classy as it is pretty.

5. Downtown Interior Design

neutral color

Space Harmony

This neutral colored living room sure is made prettier because of the beautiful green sofa.

6. Dreamhouse

barn door

Gristmill Builders, Ltd.

I love the barn door and the circular post in the middle of the room – the green sofa adds color to this dream home!

7. Hazlewood Ave, Eagle Rock

Blue green sofa

The Platform Experiment

Blue green living room sofa beside one large potted plant!

8. Hearth Room

green furniture

RLH Studio

I like the shade of this cute green sofa!

9. Horse Ranch

velvet green sectional

Cathers Home

Here is one velvet green sectional matching the white arm chairs in this rustic living space.

10. IKEA Living Room

green sectional


You can get this beautiful green sectional from IKEA; pretty classy but not expensive!

11. Interior Paint Project in Philadelphia

green sofas

Nolan Painting Inc.

I forgot how you call this green sofas, but they sure are pretty and comfortable!

12. Kansas City Living Room

green sofa designs

Becky Berg Design

If you look at the sofa in this living room, you know how cute it is and how much it looks nice paired with white chairs.

13. Midwest Residence

wooden home

Dirk Denison Architects

This wooden home sure is stunning! An additional green sectional sure made this space more lovely!

14. Naylor Court Stables

emerald sofas

Opal, LLC

I am pretty sure that this sofa is emerald in color right? Whatever the color of this sofa is, it sure is beautiful and classy!

15. Sagaponack, NY Beach House

sofa furnitures

Crescendo Designs, Ltd.

Notice that wonderful sofa in the center of the room? Pretty awesome right? It sure looks great against the wonderful colors of the other chairs in the space.

16. San Francisco Living Room

green vintage sofa


Here is another green vintage sofa used in a contemporary living room! Love the textures in this space; though I think the plain wall needs more color or depth, but all in all, this is one wonderful space.

17. Sandy Springs #2

window designs

Norwood Architects

This sure is one large home! Note the furniture and the awesome window of this stunning space!

18. Toronto Contemporary

color combination


Love this color combination! Black and green sure looks great together!

19. Trees on the Roof

white home furnitures

Meditch Murphey Architects

This white home seems like a little garden because of the green chairs and carpet! Pretty awesome actually, I love it!

20. Turkey Interiors

grey sofas

Kadir Asnaz

Green and grey sofas complement each other; great combination right here.

21. Vancouver Penthouse

living room furnitures

Frits de Vries Architect Ltd.

The green sectional in this living room is sure classy!

22. Victorian Townhouse

light green sofa

Latham Interiors

A light green sofa in a black and white living room – simple but sure is pretty.

23. Weyand Residence

green sofa designs

Neiman Taber Architects

Weyand Residence sure is one awesome project from Neiman Taber Architects. This is one classy project to begin with!

This sure is one long list for awesome living rooms with green sofas in different shades as the accent in the space; you can also think of them as a conversational piece in the said spaces. If you haven’t seen the other lists about sofas in the living room, it is about time for you to look into different beautiful designs of living rooms to entertain guests and have special bonding time with the family! Pretty awesome don’t you think?