15 Industrial Living Room Designs That Will Leave You in Awe

Industrial living can be associated to spaces that make you feel more lived-in. Spaces like this usually consist of high ceilings, exposed walls and flooring that can even pass for Brutalism. Unfinished walls, no ceilings – just like that. Although in modern times, this look is achieved by renovating or reinventing a certain space because designers or decorators strip the living room for example of their old wallpapers or ceiling, leaving the brick, concrete walls, beams and vents exposed.

One main goal in decorating a space, whatever the concept, theme or archetype maybe – is to make is as comfortable and cozy as possible. Adding in a little of area carpets, pillows and mismatched chairs or sofas, anyone can definitely say they achieved the industrial look. Take a look at our 15 Industrial Living Room Designs that will leave you in awe.

Caterpillar House

industrial living rooms

Jeffers Design Group

According to the designers, the Caterpillar House is the first LEED Platinum home on the central California coast. Located in the Santa Lucia Preserve in Carmel Valley, the home is a modern reinterpretation of mid-century ranch style. JDG’s interiors echo the warm minimalism of the architecture and the hues of the natural surroundings.


unique furnitures

Place Architects

This living room is fun with the unique furniture and one of a kind decors like the garage door with windows, the chalk board by the window and the pinball machine on the side.

Erie Loft

original warehouse aesthetic

Moss | Architecture. Design. Green

This loft after a while of ignoring its original warehouse aesthetic, this space was rehabilitated. From stripping the walls of its layers of paint revealing all the original timber beams and masonry walls.

Franklin Street Loft

wooden floors

Jane Kim Design

One thing great about industrial space is the restoration processes made on almost everything in the interiors. You maintain wooden floors and exposed bricks and ceilings. In this example, we are able to see that the designers used floor lighting for evening lighting and showcase the bricks.

Houston Loft

exposed ceiling


Except for the exposed ceiling and vents and use of metals for decors, industrial living can be categorized as an eclectic space because of the use of unique and different items that does not necessarily match each other.

Industrial Loft

catchy decors

Hannotte Interiors

The use of catchy decor and furniture really does the trick in interior design. Maximizing the space with windows gives the room tons of lighting during the day and the Bronze Copper Pendant light adds drama during the night.

Italian Loft

copper leafing

FEM Architects

The major item in this industrial living room maybe the copper leafing for the wallpaper. It really is interesting and classy to look at. The use of dark colored furniture, area carpet and ceiling makes the room more masculine and industrialized, especially that the ceiling is actually metal.

Loft Appeal

industrial living rooms

SoCal Contractor

Exposed ceilings maybe the “it” thing for an industrial home. We like the vent just above the sofa with puffy pillows which makes the space more fun aside from the lovely painting.

Miami Living Room

High ceiling


High ceiling, unique furniture and great lighting – just a few of the reasons why we definitely love industrialized urban homes. The sofa that we have here is a Flap sofa which is one highlight for this living room.

Midtown Loft

brick walls

Laura U Interior Design

Because of the high ceiling, the room feels more open and thanks to the brick walls, the suburban feel is given to this room. People who have seen this living room cannot stop talking about the striped rug and the reupholstered vintage chairs.

New York Loft

low accent chair

Reiko | Feng Shui Interior Design

Anthropologie did a great job with the low accent chair in this living room matching the all-grey sofa. We think adding the shelves by the brick wall was a great way to beautify the wall.

Philadelphia Penthouse Apartment

grey and orange


The most interesting part of this living room may be the grey and orange salvaged G.I. sheet used for the walls. According to the designer, this was from a company who specializes in Architectural Salvage. This one is from an old chicken coop.

Private Loft Residence

contemporary living


We believe that James Thomas did a great job in incorporating contemporary living with the beauty of an industrial space – like the exposed ceiling and the vents all visible at one glance.

Soho Loft

exposed vents

David Howell | Architecture. Interior Design

This Soho Loft is indeed a masterpiece for the designers and even for us who likes looking through photo collections about interiors. Eclectic as it may seem, we can categorize this room as Industrial because of its other characteristics like the exposed vents/sprinklers, high ceilings, exposed posts, may it be wooden or in this case, steel.

Spencer and Alex

industrial living rooms

Lucy Call

Like all the other living rooms you have seen above, this space showcase a feel of a suburban apartment wherein you striped the ceilings, the walls and even the floors to expose them. The use of mismatched furniture does the trick in bringing an industrial space altogether.

Did we forget to mention that adding coverlets and unique chandeliers or pendant lighting or lighting in general creates more drama for living rooms which we would want to look and feel Industrialized. The 15 Industrial Living Room Designs will surely be something to be talked about. Check out living rooms with exposed beams and send us your comments!