15 Living Rooms with Exposed Beams

Have you seen homes that left the beams exposed? Well, usually, these beams are concealed behind ceiling works but there are designers and homeowners who prefer to leave them that way. Some would even add exposed beam touches to their ceiling in order to give their homes a bit of industrial and traditional touches. But homes these days, no matter what their themes are, look great with exposed beams.

You will be able to see a variety of beam types below. Each living area also has unique appeal as a result of the exposed beams. Try to observe how the designers worked on the interior of each home. We are certain you’ll be able to pick a personal favorite. Scroll down and check on our collection of living rooms with exposed beams.

Mountain House

exposed beams designs

Tim Cuppett Architects

An interior with high ceiling in white paint. The wooden texture of the beams were retained which made it stand out in this space.

Halladay Street Remodel

hanging lights

Build LLC

The lights hanging from the wooden beams add a romantic touch this this contemporary space with minimal furniture.

Woman Lake

brown wooden beams

Michelle Fries, BeDe Design, LLC

Stones and brown wooden beams worked together to complete the traditional and contemporary design of this interior.

A Labor of Modern Love in Costa Mesa


Tara Bussema

Gray equated to sophistication in this modern living room that used steel for its beams.

Lum Modern

steel beams

John Lum Architecture, Inc. AIA

Just a simple living area with warm muted colors in it. You can notice the thin beams on the ceiling which was merely added for design.

Billy’s House

steel beam designs

Murphy & Co. Design

You can notice the steel beams below the mezzanine. While others might think it distract the eyes, it can actually add depth to the home’s interior.

North Shore Living Room

beam exposure

AMI Designs

An eclectic space that has a subtle touch of beam exposure. You can see only one in this picture but it does have a big impact to the room’s look.

Ground Floor Toronto

exposed beams designs

Andrew Snow Photography

Wood is everywhere in this house and it looked beautiful in white especially that it is paired with laminated wooden flooring.

Ecologia Montreal

contemporary living area

Alexandre Parent

A contemporary living area was given a strong appeal with the addition of wooden beams on the ceiling.

Bright Eclectic Living Room

subtle beam exposure

California Home + Design

This eclectic space sure is lovely especially with the combination of colors in it and the subtle beam exposure.

Casa Balcones

Casa Balcones

Louise Lakier

Wooden beams were placed on the concrete ceiling to give it an exposed beam effect.

1190 Royal York


Peter A. Sellar

Steel was used for this home’s trusses and you could clearly see that for these were exposed to give it a distinct look.

Houston Loft

Concrete beams

C O N T E N T Architecture

Concrete beams were left exposed for this living room giving it an industrial look especially with some electrical pipes and ducting which were also not concealed.

Dallas, TX: Jessica Craig

orange sofa

Sarah Greenman

Isn’t this living room lovely with all the whites around it? Even the beams were painted white! The orange sofa looked perfect in it.

Willoughby Way

exposed beams designs

Charles Cunniffe Architects Aspen

A massive stone fireplace with stones that matches those for the pillars and painted wooden beams for the ceiling made this home beautiful in a unique way.

Unique isn’t it? You can also have this kind of look for your own home. It certainly adds a distinct touch to any interior. Wonder how it could look for the bedroom? Check out exposed roof beams in bedroom designs. You’ll be able to see some stunning bedrooms that could give you ideas and inspirations. More to come in Home Design Lover!