Tips to Create a Well Lighted Living Room

A well lighted living room is very important because this is the area where friends and family members gather for chit chats and to have fun together. Most living rooms do not merely contain comfortable furniture but it is also an entertainment room at the same time. The television is usually placed in here so you can spend time watching your favorite shows and movies. But it can also be a good place to relax and even read books or magazines.

Well, living rooms can be used in a variety of manner depending on the needs of the homeowners. With that, it is significant to have good lighting to ensure that activities held here will be successful and the people who stay here will also be given ample lighting that would suit to whatever they are doing in the living room. So, if you currently working on your living room’s lightings, we will be giving tips that could help you with your living room’s lightings. Here we go:

1. Determine how you use the space.

Determine how you use the space

Check on your activities. What do you do in the living room? What kind of lighting will you need for that? Knowing how you use a space will let you choose the right lighting. Like if you are fond of watching movies in the living room, you can provide a dimmer so that you can dim the lights while watching. Also, your time of usage will help you check the type of light you need.

2. Let the lighting be a decoration.

Let the lighting be a decoration

Aside from the light that they emit, lightings can also be an added decoration to your home. Choose well. Make sure that it will suit your interior and will enhance the entire look of the living room. There are many designs of lightings which you can choose from. They even come in different colors.

3. Check living room’s size.

Check living room’s size

Look around your living room. Is it small or big? If it’s small, you would not need too much lighting. If it’s big, you have to add some lights so that it can provide ample lighting to the room. You can also use bigger lightings if you have more space like a chandelier. But smaller rooms would look better with compact spotlights.

4. Give a spotlight.

Give a spotlight

If you want to light a particular artwork, then use track lighting and accent lights that would drive one’s attention towards it. You can do this for wall paintings, sculptures and others. It will surely add a different aura to your home while giving emphasis to your valuable stuff.

5. Create a theme.

Create a theme

While you have an interior design theme, you also have to make sure that your lighting will be apt for that theme. You should also check on the colors your living room use. Like if you go for a modern beige living room, then white or black pendant lights will look good with that. By doing this, you are creating coherence for the whole area.

6. Know the direction of light.

Know the direction of light

Every lighting fixture gives light to different directions. If you want to light certain dark spot in the living room, you can use a spotlight or you can place a corner table with a lamp shade on top of it. You can use uplighters to highlight the decorative ceiling. There are so many ways you can light a living room. It can be lighting from below towards a higher area or lighting from the ceiling towards a lower area. You can also provide static lights like lampshades.

7. Use natural light during the day.

Use natural light during the day

It doesn’t mean that you will be using artificial lighting all the time. It is better to use natural light during the day. Draw your curtains to allow light to get in your living room. Or you can use thinner curtains or even blinds in order to do that. Others place skylights in their living room.

8. Decide on lighting colors.

Decide on lighting colors

Lights come in different colors. There are halogen bulbs that can mimic daylight which is good for rooms that cannot get enough sunlight. Tinted bulbs can also give a warm aura to your rooms. But you can also use lights that emit white glow.

9. Create an atmosphere.

Create an atmosphere

Your lighting can also affect the aura of your environment. Now you have to decide the kind of atmosphere you want to achieve. To switch from different atmosphere, you can use lights that can be dimmed. Or you can add some wall lights for soft and low-level lighting. Chandeliers can also do that trick for you.

10. Light specific areas.

Light specific areas

There could be areas in your home that needs lighting like a hallway. You can be creative in providing light. You can use wall sconces or even lampshades can do the work well. It can also be an added decoration for that area which makes it look beautiful and not boring.

Providing good lighting to your living room will make it look more inviting and could also create a better space for doing different activities at home. We have mentioned the different things that you can consider in choosing lights. For sure, this will aid you to achieve the kind of atmosphere you want and would also let you do activities well in your living room. You can also provide good lighting to your dining room. Look into How to Have Good Dining Room Lighting for a guide on this.