How to Have Good Dining Room Lighting

The dining area is one of the social areas of the house. Hence, it is important to have good lighting in order for it to be a comfortable place to dine in. Dining room lighting is to be considered when one decorates and designs his dining area. This can greatly affect to the entire ambience of the room, giving the family and the guests a good time while consuming their luscious meals. There are different ways one can create good dining room lighting. This gives you a chance to choose which ones fit your dining area.

Today, we will give you tips on how to have good dining room lighting. A well-lighted room would be apt for the area but it would also be nice to make the lights dim for special occasions. You can also highlight some decors in the dining area to add a more dramatic ambience. How about the chandelier? Are you sure you got the right one? Well, find out more tips on dining room lighting below.

1. Have variety of light sources.

Have variety of light sources Image: Mez

Instead of trying to light your dining area by using only a single source of light, illuminate it using various sources. Having different types of lights in your dining area can also serve as additional decors to your dining area. Also, when you have a single chandelier or overhead lighting as a source of light, it could be too bright making it uncomfortable. So, avoid creating a glare by using multiple layers of light.

2. Have a chandelier.

Have a chandelier Image: Gobz81

Your dining area can use a chandelier for focal point. Place it in the center of the room for it defines the space. But make sure to choose the right chandelier for your room. Choose a chandelier with a diameter 12″ less than width of the table and its bottom should be 30″ above the table.

3. Try using a dimmer switch.

Try using a dimmer switch Image: Knives Seiji Kun

The dining area is one of the places for gathering. You can use a dimmer switch in order to create a different ambience for various purposes in using the area. If you have an intimate dinner party, you can dim the lights. If your kids are working on the table, then you can give the area great amount of light.

4. Use pendant lights.

Use pendant lights Image: Bongskeigle

You can also use pendant lights in the dining area. Hang them low to allow the shades to take center stage. Choose a pendant light that fits your dining area decor. This can greatly add appeal to your area aside from the light it omits. But when you hang it, make sure that you do not hang it so low that it touches the head of those dining.

5. Place wall scones.

Choose bar design Image: Renren

Some homeowners place wall scones not just to add decoration but to add drama to the dining area. You can even dim the lights on a romantic dinner and turn on the wall sconces only. This way, an area will still remain lighted and you will be able to have a truly romantic ambience.

6. Use fluorescent lights.

Use fluorescent lights Image: Annis Lender

Have a well lighted dining area by using fluorescent lights. This can give a great amount of light to those who are dining. Opt for dimmers so that the room can be flexible for any occasions. It can work well as an overhead lighting.

7. Highlight areas using recessed or track lighting.

Highlight areas using recessed or track lighting Image: Tidus

If you want to give focus on wall art objects and other displays, you can make use of recessed or track lighting. These kinds of lights can beam lights into those areas you want to highlight. It can even give a pleasing effect to the area.

8. Use portable lamps.

Use portable lamps Image: Tacs

If you think the light from your chandelier is not enough, then you might as well add portable lamps. This way, you can add more light and ambience to your area. This can also be an added decoration to your dining area. It can also be used when you are studying in the area.

9. Use low-plinth lighting.

Use low-plinth lighting Image: Zdesign

Place plinth lighting low on a sideboard or in storage areas that are placed near the dining area. Place it at the bottom area. This can give more ambience to the room as it directs light towards the floor. This can be an opportunity for your flooring to be noticed.

10. Place candles.

Place candles Image: Qcksilver

You can also place candles in your dining room. You can even let it stand in a candelabrum which can be an added accessory to the room. Using candles can add ambience for a romantic dinner and for other purposes. But, you don’t have to use it every day. Use it on special occasions. When not in use, it can still be a good accessory.

Everyone would love to have good dining room lighting for it can certainly make the room cosier and more inviting to the guests. Aside from the lights, you can also see to it that your dining room is a great place for social gathering. You may also want to redesign your dining room, so be inspired with our collection of various dining room designs and contemporary dining rooms.