15 Adorable Contemporary Dining Room Designs

Eating together with your family and friends is a great indoor activity to strengthen the knot that ties the group. It’s where we get to spend our time enjoying a healthy conversation with people we’re dining with. Designing your dining area can put up an extra spice to the palatable food that are served at the table. Have a comfortable space for discussions or just to talk about anything under the sun. It can also indulge one’s appetite to eat well and simply enjoy the graces on the table.

Setting up a contemporary look for your dining area oozes out a homey feel making it a good place to extend the bonding activity with the family members. Selecting the fixtures and accents you want to put into your room greatly contributes to make the interior an adorable place to dine in. For today’s post, we will be showcasing 15 Captivating Dining Room Designs in a Contemporary Style to inspire you.

Hartfort Street Residence

2 Moods

Juin Ho Inc.

The large lighting fixture hanging at the top of the dining table gives elegance to the picture.

Dining Room

White Kitchen


The monochrome colour of the wall and dining fixtures draw out the sophistication of the elements the designer has placed in the room.


East 90th Street


An interior renovation done to provide functionality, traffic flow and sufficient lighting -this simple and appealing contemporary dining area was able to meet the objective set by both the client and the designer.

Calder Interior



The large amount of wood used in this room makes it distinct from other contemporary designs.

Lake Barcroft Residence

Floating Glass

Forma Design,Inc.

A unique center piece adds appeal to this contemporary dining room.




The large painting on the wall makes an interesting focal point to the view.

Dining Area



Glass top dining tables are commonly used nowadays which can help make the room look brighter.

Condo Dining

Miranda Brown


Using white for the seating pieces makes the dining furnishings a great focal point.

Dining Room



The refreshing character of wood and plants combined creates an amazing ‘green’ twist to this contemporary dining room.

Dining Room



The casual appearance of the chairs in black and chrome combination stands out from the light shaded materials in the room.

Hillside Dining Room


Kimball Starr

Versatile seating arrangements can cater both intimate gatherings and large parties. Colorful chairs reflect the playful mind of the designer.

Dining Room

Kitchen at Royal Plaza


The warm light coming from the lamps creates a cozy feel.

Dining Room


A dramatic contemporary dining room that has a touch of simplicity with its use of black and white.

Dining Room

Sleek and Sophisticated


The classiness of the fixtures in chrome finish complements to the velvet wall adding sophistication to the area.

Dining Room



Splashing the room with orange color projects an energetic touch.

There are a variety of elements you can combine to achieve a homey and interesting place for an enjoyable stay while savoring the food plated in front of you. You can also incorporate some modernity or classical touch to your contemporary design. Just be sure to match them right.