21 Beautiful Symmetrical Living Rooms

Wikipedia says that symmetry in everyday language refers to a sense of harmonious and beautiful proportion and balance. In mathematics, “symmetry” has a more precise definition, that an object is invariant to a transformation, such as reflection but including other transforms too. Although these two meanings of “symmetry” can sometimes be told apart, they are related, so they are here discussed together.

If you see the pictures in this list, I am sure you’d love some, and maybe question the others – but then again, I’m sure all the pictures in this list is likeable and pretty interesting. The thing about symmetry is that it is a safe in terms of decoration and there are times that it does not work, so making them look good and work well, you have to be careful in using the right ingredients.

1. Best Road

Best Road

Studio | Sarah Willmer, Architect

Streamlining this space can mean shorter cleaning times and a more relaxed atmosphere. More flat surfaces mean more clutter is bound to accumulate there. A little empty space can be refreshing.

2. California Transitional Living Space

California Transitional

Ann Lowengart Interiors

A fun, fresh, and inviting transitional space with blue and green accents and lots of natural light – designed for a family in mind yet perfect for entertaining.

3. Casa Blanca

Casa Blanca

Jamie Herzlinger Interiors

This is the other side of that fabulous Living room! The fireplace is done in Thassos which is pure white granite that I edge detailed in black granite giving it more of Hollywood Regency flair! The two Berger chairs are upholstered in black patent leather and the fireplace screen is a custom design.

4. Contemporary in Deephaven

Space Crafting

Space Crafting

The staircase looks really interesting in this picture. It looks very modern but it reminds me of grand staircases from Disney shows.

5. Contemporary Living Room

Elad Gonen

Elad Gonen

This room is all about symmetry, black and white, and natural light. Note how the light reflects off the dark lacquer furniture.

6. Scotland Contemporary Living Room

Malcolm Duffin

Malcolm Duffin Design

Patterned wallpaper is paired with furniture in strong colors, but the symmetrical arrangement and balanced feel enable these bold elements to sit together harmoniously.

7. Custom Homes

Custom Homes

Robert Lucke Homes

The style of furniture and arrangement of this living room is pretty simple but truly stunning.

8. Dallas Art Home

Dallas Art

Platinum Series Homes

This is the first room that I picked when choosing living rooms for this list – awesome identical cabinets and the fireplace is superb!

9. United States Living Room

United States

Elad Gonen

As in the previous photo, the sofas, as well as every other furnishing in this room, accentuate the bilateral symmetry. The reflection of the photo frames in the mirror even gives the impression of a central vanishing point, akin to Renaissance perspective.

10. Los Angeles Contemporary Living Room

Los Angeles

Charles Neal Interiors

I love how this living room is arranged, truth be told, not all spaces with symmetry works – but this one sure does!

11. Lovell Living Room

Union Studio

Union Studio

This living room is really pretty – the loft-feeling makes it homey. Look at the color scheme of this space – just stunning!

12. Minneapolis Contemporary Living Room

Minneapolis Digiacomo

Digiacomo | Homes and Renovations, Inc.

This room is tailored and transitional yet welcoming. It’s just the spot for nestling in with shows led by stylish businesswomen like Olivia Pope. I’d get my Scandal on in here, with a hunk of Vermont cheddar sharp.

13. Modern Spanish West Hollywood Home

Modern Spanish

See Construction

In a living room, consider placing two chaises so they face one another. You can lie down to read a magazine when you’re alone, but still feel comfortable inviting company to sit down because the back provides the traditional support of a sofa.

14. New York Seaside

New York

Anthony Baratta, LLC

Palm Beachers are never afraid of going over the top. Here, opulent window treatments and molding mix with casual, boldly upholstered woven furniture.

15. Oakbridge Homes – Melford House

Oakbridge Homes

Ann Maurice, House Doctor

Contemporary show home living room. Frosted window panels allowing light into and from hallway.

16. Ottawa Living Room Symmetry

Great Place

Wow Great Place | Design | Decorating

Here is one sample of a living room that may be simple but can actually work for anyone especially for small living room spaces.

17. Papermill Estate East Cobb

Papermill Estate

Kristin Drohan Collection

I like the green touches here and there – in this living room. The couches looks comfortable too.

18. Pearl

Josh Wynne

Josh Wynne Construction

The Pearl is a Contemporary styled Florida Tropical home. The Pearl was designed and built by Josh Wynne Construction. The design was a reflection of the unusually shaped lot which is quite pie shaped.

19. Penthouse Trafalgar One

Penthouse Trafalgar


I love the simplicity of the room design – so minimal and classy.

20. Private Residence

Private Residence

Luxe Design Inc.

It is a symmetrical balanced room because both sides of the room are the same and equal. It mood is sophisticated and elegant.

21. San Francisco Living Room

Viscusi Elson

Viscusi Elson Interior Design

Teal & grey in lounge. Industrial lighting fixtures. What more can you ask for?

I hope that you like this list because it was not only interesting in terms of designs and concepts and at the same time rather compelling. As a designer myself, I like using symmetry from time to time and this living room spaces really work and looks good. You can use this kind of layout in whatever type of living room! More on Home Design Lover!