A Showcase of 15 Modern Living Room Designs with Asian Influence

The Asian heritage is a huge thing to talk about or discuss. It is even the continent that has the biggest population. Talk about that! A lot of categories and sub-categories to specify. But when we see something, for example, in a living room, we usually associate them with a specific country where we think it was derived from. Like elephants remind us of Thailand, cherry blossoms remind us of Japan, Chinese bamboo are reminders of Pandas in China, and so on.

We will be showing you 15 designs to showcase how Asian heritage not only influences Asians, but even other people who came from other places like New York, Boston, and the like. We will be made aware of how designers incorporate a mix of modernity and culture in some of the designs. Here are the photos:

Asian Living Room Orange County

Asian modern living room


When we recall Japan, we remember pillows on a wooden floor, but with this living room, the picture and carpet of cherry blossoms allows us to imagine modern Japan.

Hanalei Bay Vista

wood elements

Hawaii Life

The use of wood is evident in achieving an Asian look, since Asia is rich in wood products.

Asian Living Room

wood products

P. S. Design Studio

The use of wood is evident in achieving an Asian look, since Asia is rich in wood products.

Chinese Modern Living Room

modern furniture


Don’t you just love the use of modern furniture combined with Asian memorabilia here and there?

Asian Living Room Boston

Japanese theme


This room is a combination of Asian culture. Somehow Japanese because of the wall decor and Thai because of the figurine on the table and Indian with the area carpet in the center.

Bedroom in Apartment

chinese design

Adeeni Design Group

We’re not sure about you guys, but when we look at this picture, we recall China. What do you think?

Contemporary Asian Room

living room sofa

Susan Brook Interiors

Aside from the living room sofa, we guess this room is filled with Chinese artifacts.

Cozy Family Room

blue walls

Jane Ellison

The blue walls match the Chinese vases, the sofa and the wall decor looks gorgeous!

Global Asian Living Room

pagoda prints

Olga Adler Interiors

This is a living room in a New York home. The pagoda prints on the drapes and the throw pillows match each other. Decors on the cabinets and paintings show a Thai-inspired living room.

Living Room

chinoiserie sofa

Lankford Design Group

Notice the chinoiserie sofa bed on the side? Cool right? The vases and coin-like decor on top of the television console look like antiques.

Meditation Room

wall decor

AS Design Group

The vases and the wall decor look classy. We also love the painting that shows a Chinese character.

Residence on the Beach

Wooden accents

Forer Design

Wooden accents on the windows, Thai Buddhas on top of the console plus a great view, what more can you ask for?

Sloane Square

floral prints

Matteo Bianchi Designs

White colored room is beautified with the floral prints on the accent wall.

Transitional Sitting Area

Thai heritage

Dawn Hearn Designs

A cool place to live in! Cool combination of Chinese and Thai heritage!

Tropical Asian Living Room

Asian modern living room

Maureen Mahon Interiors

Combo of Thai and modern design! Pretty wall decor right?

An inspiring way of see the world is through themed interior designs! We are so happy to have been able to show you these pictures coz it feels like travelling too. We get to learn a lot about their culture just looking at their photos. Modern day design need not to be contemporary but also themed! We sure hope you loved the photos like we did!