15 Space-Saving and Pretty Sunken Living Rooms

As defined, a sunken living room is usually found in split-level homes. The entrance is usually in the stairwell. You can walk up a few steps into the kitchen or step down a few steps into the living room. These types of homes often have what seems like a basement but is actually additional living space (bedrooms, bathrooms, closets, etc.) separated by a few more steps either up or down.

The definition above pretty much says everything about what a sunken living room is. You will notice how this type of style makes one area look more spacious and a bit deep. Depth basically is not achieved in most living rooms. Today, we will be showing you 15 Space-Saving and Pretty Sunken Living Rooms which will make us all realize that aside from giving a living room depth and drama, sunken living rooms also creates a different space to hang out in. Check the photos we have below.

Antefocus Central

sunken living rooms

Diligence | Fire As Art

The first fireplace created by Dominique Imbert in 1967 for his own use. It was the prototype for the Gyrofocus in 1968. Built to order (by hand) and finished in polished raw steel with visible seams each fire is numbered and signed by Dominique.

Busch House

four-sided depression

Vega Architecture

A complete four-sided depression instantly sets this living room apart from the rest of the house.

Conversation Pit Sunken Seating

circular sunken living area


How stunning is this circular sunken living area in this big space? The color matches the colors of the entire home – all earthly colored furniture and furnishings. Adding printed pillowcases gives this room an artsy feel.

Earl’s Court

pretty room

100% Design

Earl’s Court is one pretty room! A bedroom on the upper part of the room and a living area just below it. The colors used contrast each other that actually makes the room much more compelling.

Hanazono House

masculine space


A rather masculine space is seen in this photo. Dark furniture and an entertainment area intended for men during their beer nights and get-together.

Horn Renovation

garden view

Splyce Design

This is a sunken living room with a great view of the garden. We like the white and they greys that were used in this space. It’s clean, sleek and sophisticated.

Los Gatos – Afrormosia

Wooden floors

Amber Flooring

Wooden floors, grey furniture and white walls- these are the basic requirements to be able to create a homey room. Of course, all these ingredients require the right amount to be able to achieve the look, and the feel we would want for a living room.

Miller House

sunken living rooms

Eero Saarinen

This sunken living room is indeed a conversational piece for any home. Just one look and you know that sitting there is definitely comfortable and great for taking photos!

Mill Neck Residence

Irregular roofing design

Narofsky Architecture

Irregular roofing design, clerestory and floor to ceiling windows give off so much lighting for this home. The white walls, furniture and carpeting make this home a truly beautiful sight and one of a kind place to live in.

Modern Living Area

built-in couch

Hull Historical Architectural Millwork

If you’re decorating a sunken living room, a built-in couch may best complement the space’s architectural features. Construct it along the edge to enhance the layered effect of the flooring’s different tiers.

Modern Peninsula Estate

Poured concrete floors

Lencioni Construction

Poured concrete floors drop to rich wood for a remarkable look.

New England Contemporary


LDa Architecture & Interiors

This fireplace is so nicely positioned in the room, creating a corner but allowing a view of it from any vantage point. The rug and furniture position help create a distinct area around the hearth.

Sacramento Contemporary Living Room

Neutral colored walls

Diehl Interiors

The colors used in this living room is really subtle, but it sure makes this space a rather simple piece of art. Neutral colored walls, unique combination in the furniture and decors.

Santa Monica Mid Century

open space

Natalie Epstein Design

Complete remodel of home, converted existing living room into sunken living room, knocked down all partition walls separating kitchen, dining, living, family, entry, hallways and creating one open space.

Silicon Valley Modern Residence

sunken living rooms

Swatt | Miers Architects

Great open space. We really love that the dining space is elevated and the living space is sunken which gives a bit drama to this beautiful home

This is the first list we have created about sunken living rooms, we have also seen a couple of pretty spaces outdoors that follow the same theme which makes a certain space interesting rather than boring. Although we always have to consider design and style, we bet picking the best designer is usually the trick. Tell us what you think about the 15 Space-Saving and Pretty Sunken Living Rooms and the contemporary open living room ideas we have here on Home Design Lover! We’d love to hear from you guys!