15 Dramatic Landscape Lighting Ideas

Every house would need proper lighting. Without it, it would look gloomy and the dwellers won’t be able to do function well. This too is applicable for the outdoor area. It would be better to add lights outdoors so that you could do different activities while you are outside. Also a well-lighted outdoor space could give your landscape more beauty during the night.

There are different ways a landscape could be lighted.

So, today we are going to show to you some landscaping that had lovely lights in them. Check them out so you can get ideas on what you can do with your own home’s landscape lights.


landscape lighting ideas

Phil Kean Designs

Lines and extensive details are featured in this contemporary landscape. LED lighting under the floating steps made the garden totally stunning.

Urban Landscape

pergola lighting

Urban Landscape Design & Construction

A contemporary modern home used lights not just for the pergola but also in the floor. You can also notice the lighting on the far end for the water feature.

Cape Shores

Concrete pavers

Echelon Custom Homes

Concrete pavers that appeared like slate was used for flooring. It used exterior swivel spots, task lighting for the grill area and vertical lighting that made it look more beautiful.

James Martin Traditional Landscape

Tree up lighting

James Martin Associates

Tree up lighting placed on the planters looks really gorgeous. Even the light coming from the inside and from the pool summed up a stunning look.

Potomac Residence

Underlit benches

Land & Water Design

Underlit benches seem to beckon people to gather around the fire. Such a lovely design!

Residential San Diego

Wall lightings

Environs Landscape Architecture, Inc.

Wall lightings make this house appear like a shining jewel even from a distance.

Jauregui Architecture

eaves of roof

Luis Jauregui

You can notice the lights that were installed on the eaves of the roof which added a dramatic look to the outdoor scene. The lights coming from the planters illuminated the trees and plants in it.

Outdoor Waterfall

landscape lighting ideas

WAC Lighting

A garden water feature looked very lovely with rope lighting on it. Using rope lighting is a good idea because these are durable especially that they are encased on plastic.

Weinstein Residence


Process Design Build, L.L.C.

A well-lighted walkway which can also be a good spot if one merely wants to relax and take a good look of the beautiful surroundings.

Cedar Springs Projects 2012

outdoor living space

Cedar Springs Landscape Group

This outdoor living space has a great mood for relaxation. The lights around it add to that mood including the fire pit at the center.

Gresham Project


Beautiful Bones and Purple Stones

A creative idea for an outdoor space is the use of lanterns like what you see in the picture.

City Beach

step lights

Tim Davies Landscaping

In this modern home, you can clearly see the step lights and up lights which are a good way to light the outdoors.

Lakeside Estates

lighted rocks waterfalls

Caviness Landscape Design, Inc.

The lighted rocks in the waterfalls created a dramatic scenario. The distribution of light in the area is also good.

California Home

pathway lights

Mark Pinkerton

The fireplace brings beauty to the higher level but the lights on the pathways and the up lighting are also totally cool.

Contemporary Dreams

landscape lighting ideas

Rolling Stone Landscapes

The concrete blocks look like floating elements in this modern outdoor space because of the use of under lightings.

Anyone would certainly love to have lighted outdoor spaces like the ones above. It could give your landscape a lovely appearance even when it’s night time. It can even look more beautiful when the sun goes down. Aside from lights, fireplaces can also be a good way to add life to your outdoor area. You can look into outdoor stone fireplaces for some inspiration.