Color Scheme Idea: 20 Red, Black and White Kitchen Designs

For a kitchen, white and other neutral colors are commonly used. It does work well in whatever type of kitchen you have or may it be small or big. But nothing is wrong with adding some pops of color into it. It can actually make the space appear more stunning and lively. It can also look even more inviting too!

So today, we have collated some kitchens with red, black and white color scheme. If you think this color combination doesn’t look presentable or would be a bit dark, guess you are wrong because it does look stunning especially when used rightly. So, to give you ideas on how this color palette looks like in the kitchen, here is a round-up of kitchen spaces for you.

1. Black, White & Red Kitchen

kitchen color ideas

Highland Design Gallery

Adding red to this kitchen surely made it pop! Beautiful backsplash too!

2. Stewart St. Kitchen

subtle retro

The Ottoman Empire

Love the eclectic look of this kitchen with a subtle retro appeal!

3. Wahroonga Sydney

red chairs backsplash Beautiful contemporary kitchen! Note the red chairs and backsplash.

4. White Brick Mediterranean

eat-in kitchen

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

An open space area for an eat-in kitchen with a fresh feeling. The patterns of the flooring are stunning!

5. Stretch Ceiling Condo

textural background A red rose with a textural background looks amazing in this condominium kitchen.

6. Red Gloss

red ceiling

Laqfoil Ltd.

This kitchen opens to the dining area with a red ceiling and textured walls.

7. Teknica

three-dimensional forms

Italian kitchen town

Crisp lines and personalized three-dimensional forms are seen in this modern kitchen.

8. Portland Modern Retro Kitchen

retro kitchen

Z3 Design Studio

Such a cute retro kitchen with checkered flooring and red kitchen island!

9. Kitchen Remodel

luxury design

Cielo Construction Company

First look at this kitchen will already make you see the luxury and sophistication in it.

10. The Oleander Plan at Arroyo Norte

kitchen color ideas

Meritage Homes

A traditional eclectic kitchen can also sport the colors red, black and white.

11. Modern White Kitchen

black kitchen

Brandon Barré Architectural Interior Photographer

This white and black kitchen looks even more beautiful with a red accent wall.

12. Mid-century Ranch

spacious kitchen

Angela Dechard Design

A spacious kitchen with red and white as well as some black accents in it. Love the bright and airy feel in it!

13. Passive House Retreat

farmhouse kitchen

ZeroEnergy Design

Beautiful farmhouse kitchen design with a modern twist!

14. Portage Bay

industrial kitchen

Dyna Contracting

Who would expect that an industrial kitchen can look as stunning as this?

15. Cottage Kitchen Accented with Red

kitchen counter

J M Interiors

The kitchen counter looks lovely with a quartz top and red cabinet.

16. The Yamane Residence

wall lights

Alan Mascord Design Associates Inc

Lovely contemporary kitchen with red, black and white colors. I like the lights on the wall.

17. Apt Pinheiros

painted chalkboard

Eunice Fernandes

Colors and style is very gorgeous! I like that chalkboard painted wall too.

18. San Rafael

window treatment

Precision Cabinets

Such a cute traditional kitchen especially the window treatment!

19. Gloucester Road Apartment

elegant kitchen

David Churchill

Don’t you love the colors and the textures of the walls for this small yet elegant kitchen?

20. Kitchen

kitchen color ideas

Lee Hardcastle

For this one, you can clearly see the use of red, white and black and it is very gorgeous especially that it used glossy finish.

Don’t you love the list we have featured for you today? I am sure you fell in love with this color combination. If you want this color scheme but was hesitant to use it, then don’t be because you can see from the above kitchen spaces that this color palette works really well whatever is the type of kitchen you have!