Golden Coast Penthouse in Chicago Features Stunning Interiors

When living in the city, you would either end up in an apartment, a condo unit or a penthouse.

But that doesn’t mean that you cannot turn it into a home because, in truth, you actually can!

In fact, others can even give it an interior that will make them feel like they aren’t in the city at all because of it is totally relaxing and it has that feeling of being at home.

For sure you have seen rural homes like this but today we are going to show you one penthouse with a very nice interior.

Want to see what this penthouse can offer?

Take a look:

Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Designer: Kara Mann

Style: Modern

Type of Space: Penthouse

Unique feature: A beautiful modern penthouse interior with so many features that anyone who lives in the city would like to have.

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This sofa has a beautiful design in white and it matches well with the curves of the glass coffee tables. If my guess is right, this sofa can be extended or changed in form.

Kara Mann

Don’t you just love the golden area rug here? It is a good way to break the black and white colors in the area. It is also nice that a golden decor was added to the table to compliment with the rug.

Golden Coast Penthouse kitchen

Seen here is the kitchen of the penthouse. It uses all white colors not just for the walls and cabinets but also for the chairs. I like the design of the chairs which makes it appear like floating because of the transparent legs. Another thing that I like in this kitchen is the metallic faucets that definitely added appeal to the area.

Golden Coast Penthouse

This is the dining area of the penthouse. Like the living area, one can get a good view of the city from here. The crystal chandelier above the long dining table gives it a luxurious appeal. It is also a nice idea to add a plant as the centerpiece.

Golden Coast Penthouse bedroom

While the public areas are in black and white, this bedroom has gray colors from the walls to the bedding set. You can also notice that even the chandelier and wall decors are in the same color. But even if it used gray as the primary color, it doesn’t look dull at all!

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Golden Coast Penthouse bath

Like the bedroom, this luxurious bathroom has gray colors in it too. The wall and the floating vanity have the same material in white veined marble. It also has two mirrors too and a beautiful ceiling light which you can see through the mirror.

Golden Coast Penthouse bathroom

And this one is the bath area. It used the same white veined marble as the vanity. You can get a better look of the pendant lights here. What I like in this area are the shell-like side tables that hold the bathroom essentials. And yes, that wall decor added personality to the area too.

Isn’t this a beautiful penthouse? For sure you cannot decide which part of it is the best because everything in it actually looks really nice. The interior of this penthouse was designed by Kara Mann and with the looks of it, we can say that they really did a great job to achieve such an amazing interior. Aside from the modern interior design, the penthouse is also gifted with stunning views of the city that is very difficult to take our eyes off of. Can you tell me which your favorite feature in this penthouse is?