20 Formal and Conservative Gray Condo Bedrooms

Whenever I think of condo bedrooms, what comes to my mind are sleek modern sleeping areas with minimalist designs. These would be comfortable and relaxing and has that conservative look. We would all look into a condo bedroom as formal too and of course, neat. Today, we are going to show you some condo bedrooms that used gray color scheme.

Gray is a cool, neutral, and balanced color that is associated with being emotionless or even moody color. But it does look formal, conservative, and sophisticated. Using gray for the interior is a practical way to make the bedroom look timeless. So, here are the gray condo bedrooms I have collated for you.

gray condo bedrooms

1. Miami Luxury Condo

Miami Luxury Condo Grey

Heritage Luxury Builders

The bed fabrics look very luxurious as well as the entire design of this bedroom.

2. DC Grey Condo

DC Grey Condo Guest Bedroom

AE Design

Gray, black and white is a good color scheme especially for a modern bedroom.

3. Sherman Oaks Condo

Sherman Oaks Grey Condo

Style My Space Interior Design and Staging

Modern lamps, gray interior and black and white beddings fill this contemporary space.

4. Modern Enterier

Modern Enterier Grey Color

Art Light

I love the neat and sleek appeal of this modern bedroom with different shades of gray.

5. Upper Kirby Highrise Condo

Kirby Highrise Condo

Pearl Design

Want a bedroom as sophisticated as this? It used a mix of textures as well as a lovely combination of purple and gray.

6. MN Bedroom Design

MN Design by Mauricio Nava

Mauricio Nava Design

Aside from the glass walls, that headboard and mirrored wall decors and furniture are gorgeous.

7. Miami Luxury Condo

Miami Condo

Heritage Luxury Builders

The wall has a striking design and that column is an added decorative element.

8. DC Grey Condo – Master Bedroom

DC Condo

AE Design

The walls of this bedroom are covered in a textured Maharahm wallpaper.

9. Michelle’s Master Bedroom

Michelle's Grey Master Bedroom

Michelle Hinckley

Love this gray bedroom with pops of yellow!

10. Condo Interior Renovation

Condo Interior

NOA Architecture Planning Interiors

Aside from the color combo, what I like here is the lighting!

11. Bedroom with Reclaimed Flooring

Bedroom with Reclaimed Flooring by Pioneer Millworks

Pioneer Millworks

Flooring of this bedroom is made from a mosaic of Northeastern hardwoods.

12. Contemporary Grey Bedroom Idea

Contemporary Bedroom

Imagine Living

A white bed would look awesome in a gray bedroom like this one.

13. A Mid-Century Modern Inspired Condo

A Mid-Century Modern Condo

BY DESIGN Builders

This bedroom features new Jonathan Adler wall sconces and a Chinese screen installed as a headboard.

14. Masculine Condo Residence

Masculine Condo at the Ritz-Carlton Residence

Robert Brown Interior Design

A masculine bedroom that used gray and blue color combination.

15. Modern Glam Luxury Condo

Modern Glam Grey Condo

BAM Design Lab

Isn’t this a stunner? I like the textures in this bedroom as well as the wallpaper too.

16. Clapham

The Library Building

Chris Snook

That whimsical cat throw pillow is a cute addition to this contemporary bedroom.

17. Zen Villa

Zen Villa Grey Bedroom modern

Lori Dennis, Inc.

Gray carpet and light gray walls and ceiling didn’t look boring at all with the furnishings in this bedroom.

18. Chelsea Loft

Chelsea Loft Modern Grey Bed

Betty Wasserman

That is a lovely gray coverlet they have here!

19. Contemporary Grey Condo

Contemporary Condo

Ashley Shaanan

A contemporary hotel-style master bedroom is what the couple wanted for their condo.

20. Manor House Stables

Manor House Trend Grey Stables

AR Design Studio Ltd

Light gray walls and dark gray bathroom just beside the bedroom is a lovely contrast.

So, if you are into gray and you are living in a condo, these ideas will surely help you to design your own bedroom. Or you can always ask someone to do the decorating and designing for you. It would be a bit challenging especially if it is studio type. Other colors would also look great in a condo bedroom. We will show that to you next time!