20 Perfectly Crafted Small Kitchen in Condos

Perk up your kitchen condos with these photos!

In a time where residential homes are already in the city and not in the suburbs, condos, apartments, and flats has been on the rise. Buildings that tower the city sprouted from nowhere until most of the people you know who work in the city live inside these contemporary to modern spaces they call home.

Imagine what it would be like living in a condo.

Admit it, as millennials living in our parents’ homes, we always dreamed of moving out and having our own place to stay and call our own. Where we can simply be ourselves, bring our friends and have game nights!

Imagine all this and more for you and maybe your sister, BFF or significant other! The choices are endless but in this list, you’d see a couple of kitchen designs you can opt for if you plan on living in a condo, or if you already are – maybe consider some of the designs for your space for a refreshing look!

1. Shaugnessy Street

Shaugnessy Street


The mix of a contemporary and industrial look of this kitchen is quite charming. The color choice for the cabinets and the kitchen island is a perfect pair for the stools and the lighting fixtures used here.

2. Downtown Condo

Downtown Condo


Speaking of lighting fixture, the one in here sure is pretty. I personally would not opt to put a pretty lamp like this one on here since I need a functional lighting system for the kitchen, but still, I think this is perfect for the overall theme of this kitchen condo.

3. London Studio Flat

London Studio

Photo: https://blackandmilk.co.uk/space-saving-interior-design

This small kitchen space sure maximized its potential by having customized shelving and cabinet work done to it. The materials, color, design, and arrangement in this kitchen sure looks more exciting than what we see in malls or home depots.

4. Homer Street

Homer Street


I was first taken aback with the painting or picture mounted on the wall. It says a lot about how contemporary this space is because if you might have noticed, it’s the only thing on the wall. This kitchen, however small looks radiant, heavenly and functional.

5. City Front Terrace

Terrace San


This kitchen space is larger than most of the kitchen spaces in this list but I would like to share this one with you guys because of they used the space above the sink to have more storage for this kitchen. We all know that the kitchen is one space that needs tons of storage because of all the supplies and appliances we purchase to use in there.

6. Modern Bently Condo

Bently Condo


This modern condo has so much storage and beauty to offer. I can’t imagine living in a house with this beautiful kitchen! I think I’d cook and bake for my family every day with minimal hassle.

7. Summer Reef

Summer Reef Photo: www.mcyia.com

L-shaped countertops are used when you have minimal space in your kitchens- this is even advised than a single lane counter and range arrangement because it does not conform much to design and also it does not allow much traffic. This L-shaped kitchen is neat and a smart use of space.

8. Williamsburg Condo

Williamsburg Condo


Well what do you know, I was just talking about a single lane counter and then it just happened to have been in the next photo. As much as this space looks large enough, you see that the counter was designed for minor kitchen activities. It is possible that the owner requested this or this was in fact created since the space is small and they needed the traffic to already include the dining area.

9. Pacific Breeze

Pacific Breeze


This kitchen has an interesting choice for decorative lighting; this is advised only for nooks since there are less activity than that in the kitchen counters or range. I love the color palette used in here and I think you’d love it too!

10. Downtown High Rise

Coastal Home


Earth tones are designers’ favorites! It’s easy to match with anything and has lasting value. This Downtown High Rise condo sure exemplifies glamour and beauty and still maintaining function and class.

11. Pasadena CA Condo Remodel

CA Condo


This kitchen sure looks like it needs a little more light colored walls or cabinets because of the minimal or ambient lighting it has and dark colored cabinets and flooring, this kitchen looks really dark. It has the best appliances for sure, but sometimes, it’s all in the lighting.

12. Jamaica Plain Condo

Jamaica Plain

Kitchen Remodel

We only see a very minimal portion of this kitchen but it sure shows us how pretty light colored cabinets are in contrast to the brown flooring paired with it. I personally love how they have tons of books above the lavatory.

13. Efficiency Condo

Efficiency Condo


This cute little kitchen condo sure is neat and inviting. It looks really modern and classy and definitely high functional. This kitchen space does not ring kids or children because of how tiny it is, but I think this is one stunning starter kitchen for a small family.

14. Nashville Skyline

Nashville Skyline


Open plans for the kitchen is common for small or even large spaces, especially the ones with kids in them because it allows the parents to have a watchful eye for their kids while doing chores in the kitchen. The color combination used in this kitchen looks stunning and very homey.

15. Eclectic Chic

Electic Chic


Another favorite for me in this list! This is one small kitchen condo that showcases modern design and planning intended for single or newly married couples who has a zest for interior design and Architecture!

16. Bacon Condo Residence

Bacon Condo


Looking at the choice of table and chairs adjacent to the counter – I remembered a certain book that describes what a homey kitchen is from that of a contemporary or modern one. Now, in this photo, I feel a little bit confused with its overall concept but it sure is a combination of a traditional and a contemporary space, all at the same time!

17. Austin Downtown Condo

Austin Downtown


Exposed ceiling and beton brute flooring, I think is this is one condo-loft design that is admired by most Millennials and those young at heart. The color used for the cabinet work is stunning and really eye catching – I totally love it!

18. Pretty & Petite

H2 Design


Pretty and petite! That sure says a lot about this space; it is in fact, small, and has the basic requirements needed in the kitchen and sure looks inviting and ideal for entertaining guests. This is one gem that H2 Design Studio sure did a great job on!

19. Emilson Condo

Emilson Condo


Wow! This Emilson condo sure looks stunning! The color palette is beyond words. I totally dig the crafty choices on the knobs of the cabinets and the faucet too!

20. City Condo

Emerald Hill


This kitchen looks really clean! I think I would be afraid to make any mess in here because cleaning will just be a hassle! But kidding aside, I think living in a condo in the city has too many advantages and aside from eating out a lot, you can always opt to cook since grocery stores are everywhere!

Whether you are living in a condo or not, this 20 Perfectly Crafted Small Kitchen in Condos will actually be of great help when it comes to redecorating or even in the conceptualizing part for your own condo or home. If you are interested, you can also check the 20 Stunning Kitchens with White Chandeliers and share them with your family and friends!