West 27th Street Penthouse of New York Features a Reclaimed Mosaic Wall Tile

You wouldn't expect the wall feature that this modern penthouse added to its dining space.

Interiors differ from one home to another whether it is a house with different levels or an apartment. We cannot say that one interior is exactly the same with another space because each space has its own personality and character depending on the owners. That is why you can see various interior styles that could be the inspiration of your own home. Today, we will feature another apartment interior which highlights a wall decor that is reclaimed from a restaurant. Let us get to know more about this apartment in West 27th Street, New York.

A beautiful art piece from a restaurant is the highlight of the penthouse. When Charles Rose Architects designed the apartment, the owners requested to create a space to display a large wooden tile mosaic. Said tile mosaic is a much loved piece of art which was originally displayed at a restaurant that the owners frequently visited. But the restaurant needed to be demolished and they decided to buy the art piece so it can be added to their new apartment. The penthouse is a 4,000 square feet single-family residence with roof terrace. Aside from the interior, it includes access to a rooftop in the Garment District. Through the rooftop, natural light could enter into the space while the owners can get direct access to the area where dramatic views of the surrounding city can be seen. According to the designer, their “design strives to create a place of tranquility: the interior spaces flow into one another without obstruction; the circulation is and effortless. We introduced natural light to the interiors through the creation of two linear skylights and a small, two-story glass atrium, which also provide direct access from the living area to the roof.” Let us take a look at the apartment interior below.

Location: New York

Designer: Charles Rose Architects

Style: Modern

Type of Space: Penthouse

Unique feature: A modern interior of a penthouse that highlights a reclaimed mosaic tile wall that the owner bought from a restaurant that needs to be demolished.

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The architecture of the apartment is formally spare using materials that are warm like wood, concrete, blackened steel, and tile that lend their unique properties to each space. Every space of the apartment has beautiful furniture and has a simple design. The furniture in it includes rectilinear benches that run the length of the dining table to the flush casework throughout the space. It has a staircase that use blackened-steel and wood which ascends into the light of the atrium.

Charles Rose Architects

The wooden tile mosaic installed on the wall of the dining area is a bold tapestry. According to the designers, the placid look in the girl’s eyes is evoking a Botticelli’s Birth of Venus and tempers its presence. It also allows it to augment the space without diminishing its calm aura.

modern apartment

It wasn’t easy to take the mosaic tile since a crew people needed to dismantle it piece by piece. Each piece is carefully numbered and wrapping in conservation paper to make sure it is still in good condition when re-installed in the apartment.

West 27 penthouse

The wood tile mosaic was rescued from a restaurant demolition. I can just imagine how much effort was needed in order to get every piece. Merely numbering them would take time too especially that it needs to be carefully removed. But obviously, it was all worth it because just look at how it enhanced the interior of the apartment.

West 27 penthouse living room

Now this is the living room of the house with modern furniture in it. There are also wooden features that extend its subtle Zen aura brought by the wall tiles.

West 27 penthouse kitchen

As for the kitchen, it used sleek lines for the cabinets while a skylight is added above the kitchen island. I like the design of the cabinets which has different volumes and sizes. Wood is used to work on the customized cabinets of the kitchen.

West 27 penthouse home theater

The apartment also features a home theater where the family can watch movies together. Right next to it is a small home office. When privacy is needed, the door can be closed from the home theater.

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West 27 penthouse wardrobe

There is also a walk-in wardrobe where all the clothes of the home owners are being organized. You can see that aside from the areas for hanging clothes, there are also cabinets for more storage.

West 27 penthouse roof deck

The roof terrace of the penthouse celebrates the expansive view of New York City where the Empire State Building is seen rising majestically in the distance. You can see here the skylights that allow natural light into the house.

West 27 penthouse roof top

Trees are lining the perimeters of the penthouse which gives the terrace a grounded feel. It also adds to the home owners’ desire for an oasis. The furniture in the rooftop is minimal and modern. The designers added that “the solidity of wood and stone is punctuated by the skylight’s glass—a layer of transparency that is a counterbalances to the other materials.”

Lovely apartment, right? It sure is! I didn’t expect that the reclaimed wall tile can bring such appeal to the interior. I am sure that the Charles Rose Architects who worked on the design of the house was surprised about the decision of the clients to transfer a mosaic wall tile from a restaurant to the apartment. But the way we look at it, it was indeed a good decision! What certain features of the apartment do you like the most?