20 One Bedroom Apartment Plans for Singles and Couples

This would be the first time that we will show you a round-up of floor plans and we feel a bit excited in creating this list. A good floor plan design is important to ensure function and comfort of the owners. Also, it can tell how to access certain spaces in the house, traffic around the area and how people could use the area. That is why, one has to consider the design of the plan when looking for a place to stay in.

Today, we will show you different floor plan designs for one bedroom apartments. Dwellings like this are perfect for singles as well as couples. It doesn’t mean that just because there are a few number of people who will use the space that it can be plain and boring. But it can actually be gorgeous and very functional too. Choose an apartment layout that will work well for you and your partner. I know you dream to live in those modern spaces that you see on apartments online or in magazines. Well, you can do that now with the apartment plans below.


One Bedroom Apartment Plan

Rishabh Kushwaha

Luxury amenities like a large tub, modern appliances, and granite countertops are featured in this apartment but aside from those mentioned, this one sure is comfy too!


huge walk-in closet

Rishabh Kushwaha

If you want an apartment where you can keep your clothes, shoes and bag, this plan is the right one for you with a huge walk-in closet! But of course, other areas of the house are given enough spaces too.


natural tile

Jermey Gamelin

Bright pops of color is featured in this plan with crisp and clean walls using light to medium hardwoods and natural tile. Beautiful color combinations indeed!


large patio

Lorenzo Dixon

Lots of natural light flood into the space with a large patio and enough space to move, work and play!


subtle futuristic touch


This one has some subtle futuristic touch seen in the furniture. But what is more lovely about this space is the well-distributed areas of the apartment.


contemporary apartment

Twin Arbors

You could get a comfortable and bright space in this contemporary apartment good for singles and couples too.


charming balcony

Incore Residential

Aside from the modern details of the space, the charming balcony and separate laundry are a win!


U-shaped kitchen

Bridges at Kendall Place

For those who love to cook, this plan is the perfect choice! It has a gorgeous U-shaped kitchen with breakfast bar, lots of cabinetry, modern appliances, and granite countertops.


L-shaped kitchen

Paragon Apartments

Aside from a spacious L-shaped kitchen, the large walk-in closet is a great feature where you can store gym equipment and wardrobes. This is a perfect place for those who work at home because of the work area in the bedroom.


slanted walls

Crescent 9th Street

Got slanted walls for the apartment? Consider this as a plus for this can create a one-of-a-kind look.


One Bedroom Apartment Plan

Keens Crossing

A comfortable living area, kitchen and bathroom is featured in this plan. But for sure you will be pleased of the bedroom with its own closet.


historic design

The Capitol

This one has a modern update but the historic look and feel is retained. What a combination!




Who will not fall in love with the hints of blue in the furnishings of this charming apartment?


simple layout

Acube Builders

A simple layout with a spacious bedroom, L-shaped kitchen and bath. Well, don’t forget about the small yet inviting living room too!


L-shaped apartment

Crescent Cameron Village

Who says an L-shaped apartment is hard to live in? This one has a large kitchen, a breakfast bar, small patio, large closets and lots of windows!


lavish balcony sets

QB Wizualizacje

A lavish balcony sets this one apart from other spaces including its wall textures and designer furniture.


comfortable living areas

Macquarie University

A closet space, comfortable living areas, and a modern kitchen- perfect for student housing! No more dull student dwellings!


Rich woods

Springs Apartments

Rich woods in the cabinets and flooring combined with the pops of red in the furnishings create a lovely warm feel in this apartment with ample storage spaces.


curve seating

Four Wall

I love that curve seating in the large central living room! It gives a subtle futuristic touch to the space.0


One Bedroom Apartment Plan

Space Dart

The exciting city of Mumbai isn’t enough to live life fully. A cosy space like this for relaxation and living would be perfect!

A beautiful home depends on the floor plan because everything starts with a floor plan. That is why, you have to pick the right design really well to make sure that you will be living in a place where you can acquire utmost comfort. You can always draft your own plan but you have to always consult the experts. Doing this will guarantee you that your dream dwelling space will be achieved in no time!