15 Ultimate Luxurious Romantic Bathroom Designs

Are you one of those homeowners who are aiming to own not just a regular bathroom in their house but somehow a romantic bathroom? If yes, then you may get a lot of ideas on today’s featured pictures for romantic bathrooms. Romantic bathrooms as they say are well suited only for those newlywed couples but it’s not true. Well everybody can own this type of bathroom because this type of bathroom will not just provide a romantic mood but also the extreme comfort and relaxing feeling to whoever will use it. In order to achieve this kind of bathroom there are lots of factors to be considered.

The lighting and the decorations are the two most important factors that need to be emphasized in creating a romantic bathroom. Also the loveliest flowers can bring out the romantic mood in every bathroom. Moreover, scented candles can also provide the romantic feeling while treating you in a spa-like tub in the bathroom. So today we will show you our collection of Luxurious Romantic Bathrooms designs created by different brilliant designers. Now you may scroll down the page and enjoy the romantic ambience of the bathrooms below.

Romantic Bath

Romantic Bathroom design


The installed lightings in this area plus the brown color of the palette create a romantic ambience.

Ultimate Romantic Bath

unique Romantic Bath

Bathroom Vanities

Purple tiles in the wall with the lights beside the mirror and chandelier shows how elegant and romantic this bathroom is.

Beach Bungalow Bathroom

Beach Bathroom

Adam Pierson

The scented candles that surround this spa-like bath tub give out a relaxing ambience.

dim light bath


The dim light as well as the rose petals all over the floor and the candles magically creates a romantic ambience.

natural light Romantic Bath


This area allows the natural light to enter the room to provide enough light that is well suited in this beige colored tiles used here.


classical romance bathroom


This may be a classical type of bathroom but its design together with the flowers floating in the water in the tub simply made an effective romantic bathroom.

Luminous Romantic Bath

open window Romantic Bath


With the open window in this area, you may see that the connection of the bathroom design to the fireplace in the exterior has proven to have a romantic ambience.

Irena Luxurious Bath

mosaic tiles Luxurious Bath

Happy Irena

The mosaic tiles used here as well as the installed incredible lightings all over the area is very efficient to set the romantic feeling.

Master Bath Sarandi

Master Bath vintage cabinet

Jennifer Bevan Interiors

The arrayed lamps placed at the top of the mirror in this vintage cabinet set the romantic display in this bathroom.

Lineatre Bathroom

golden chandeliers

With the use of silver and white coupled with brown palette and golden chandeliers made this area more appealing.

Classic Romantic Bath

luxurious furniture

For a large area like this, elegant and luxurious furniture fits in.

Traditional Romantic Bath

vivid lights


As you can see this area is surrounded by vivid lights that provide more comfort and relaxing mood to the homeowner.


clean bathroom

Smart Interiors

A clean bathroom with plants and flowers to make it look refreshing.

Kelly French Bath

French Bath

Ken Kelly

A blue bathroom with a modern look where some rose petals and simple lights were added to have an attractive and romantic bathroom.

Smart Sunken Bath

Lighted candles

Kim Smart

Lighted candles below the golden angel decor beside this bath tub display a romantic mood here.

Thus we can say that in order to achieve the ultimate romantic bathroom designs we have to prepare the most elegant lightings and attractive decorations such as the bunch of flowers, wall paintings and other furniture that will be placed inside the bathroom. The color and quality of the paint also matters a lot in finishing the best romantic bathroom design or concept. These are all the factors that are very essential not just to have the most romantic bathroom but also to provide the convenience and relaxing feeling. So we hope that once again we have given you another set of inspirational ideas in making a romantic bathroom. Well do you have any more ideas to add? You can share it by leaving a comment below.