20 Kids Bathroom Accessories for Boys

If you already saw the list we have created about kids bathroom accessories that were intended for girls, I’m pretty sure that you’d want something similar to that except that they would be for boys. This was quite hard to complete because I was not able to find a lot of samples for our little boys; most of the ones available online are generic.

So below is a list of bathroom accessories that are intended for your little boys or little brothers if you still have one. The designs range from simple ones to elaborate ones – aside from serving their purpose, making sure that your accessories look fun for your boys is a plus point for you. Check out the list below and tell us what you think about them!

1. Fun Sea Inspired Bathroom Accessories

Fun Sea

Euca Liptosnon

Look at this cute collection of sea creatures for your little one; love the details they placed on each item to look as cute as possible.

2. Monkey Themed Kids Bath Accessories

Monkey Theme


I am not really a fan of any monkey character but this one sure is cute.

3. Pirate Themed Bathroom Accessories

Pirate Themed


Kassatex has a way with cute bathroom accessories – love the soap dispenser in a boat and the cute chest on the sides.

4. Toy Story Themed Accessories

Toy Story


Who doesn’t love the iconic characters of Toy Story?

5. Colorful Cups Bathroom Accessories

Colorful Cups


Parents love labels because it teaches their kids what items go where and the use of colorful containers make it interesting and fun!

6. Batman Collection

Batman Collection Iconic characters like Batman is a great addition to your boy’s bathroom because if they love him, they’d love this one too!

7. Dino Land Bathroom Accessories

Dino Land


Hey hey! Don’t you just think that this bathroom set is just reminiscent of the land before time!

8. Up Up and Away

Up Up


Notice the awesome airplanes on this one? Love them all!

9. Child Donald Duck Bathroom Set

Child Donald

The Chinese Decoration Flagship Store

They are not super legit Donald Duck from Disney but they are great alternatives for when you need Donald to be there!

10. Personalized Basketball Series Bathroom Accessories

Personalized Basketball

Lights & Lighting

I know of very few boys who do not love basketball; this bathroom accessory set will surely be loved by any boy!

11. Spiderman Sense Collection

Spiderman Sense


Want to continually remind your kid that “great power comes great responsibility?” Well, you can get them this one!

12. Cute Bathroom Accessories 3-Piece Set

Cute Bathrooms

Triangle Homeware

I’m not sure if these are Mickey Mouse’s legs or that of the Smurfs!

13. Disney Mickey Mouse Collection

Disney Mickey

Speaking of Mickey Mouse, here you go Disney!

14. Football Bathroom Accessories Set

Potty Training

Potty Training Concepts

If this was available in my city, this will be great gift ideas!

15. Kids Pirates Ceramic Bathroom Accessories Set

Pirates Ceramic

Magnum Bathrooms

I guess this 3-piece bathroom set will do! They’re cute and definitely eye-catchy!

16. Underwater World Sea Fish Bath Accessory Set

World Sea

Lights & Lighting

A bit fancy about fishes? This one will work for you!

17. Superman Bathroom Accessory Set

Superman Hero


Hey Superman! Take my money and give me that bathroom set!

18. Five-Pc Cartoon Bathroom Football Bathroom Set

Pc Cartoon


Is David Beckham playing football? I’m actually not sure but this bathroom set reminds me of him.

19. Elephant Pattern Bathroom Set

Elephant Pattern


This may be only a 2-piece set of bathroom accessory but they sure rock! Cute elephants!

20. Nautical Bathroom Inspiration

Nautical Inspiration


Here is a bathroom set both young and playful and all at the same time grown up; I personally love its simplicity and DIY look to it.

From the collection of bathroom accessories for girls to this whole new lot – this is indeed a wonderful list to complete because of how fun and catchy each one is. As one as these lists are – they have to end at one point, but one thing’s for sure – we’ll keep them coming! More to come on Home Design Lover!