18 Pretty Vintage Sofa and Settee Designs

Amongst all the eras that the world has been a part of, it is the time during the 1920’s to the 1960’s that may be the most popular of all. Not only in terms of the fashion style that is being recycled as time goes by. This is like the favorite time of ladies [most often that not] where feminisim was like a major thing. Looking all too-girly or feminine was in hype! But of course, like all eras, not only the fashion sense that is pretty much influenced. Today, we will be showing you a few examples of how vintage has affected a lot of us in the side of furniture and home!

The effect of using vintage furniture may not be as obvious as how people are affected in terms of fashion, because of course, we do not see as much furniture in our daily lives than clothing, right? It may be a discreet thing how collectors and hobbyists search and purchase items like the ones that we will be showing you today. Some of these items are either original pieces, some are restored and some are copied from the olden days. Take a look at the pieces we were able to collate for you!

Vintage Fuchsia

Vintage Sofa

Dizzy Miro

A classic remake of how vintage sofas looked like! Pretty modern in more than ways than one, the details may not be as much but the beauty and feel sure is there!

Louis 2B Loveseat

black leather

Imagine Living

This love seat comes in black leather and white. This is inspired by the Victorian Era. An example of elegance and sophistication!

Beautiful Louis XVI Gilt Settee

battered and old


A part of the Eloquence Collection of The Bella Cottage. The look is pretty much battered and old, but the beauty is still there! A simple classic.

Baroque 2-Seat Settee

Settee Designs

French Dressing

Intricate details may be the prettiest part of this settee. The antique white and cream color may seem simple but the look is sure catchy!

French Louis XVI Style Cane Velvet


Silla Fine Antiques

French Louis XVI Style Cane Velvet Upholstered Boudoir Bergere Arm Chair c. 1900! Amazing chair, isn’t it? It may seem not part of the original time which was considered vintage, but this pretty chair sure is an eye-candy!

Louis I XL Chair

cushioned seat

Imagine Living

Another Victorian Era inspired cushioned seat that comes in bold colors! One sturdy piece that sure does not limit comfort and style.

Mid-Century Sofa

mid-century sofa

The Modern Historic

One battered piece of a mid-century sofa circa 1950’s-1960’s. Its orange color is the most bold statement! Vibrant colors like this makes vintage things pretty and really interesting!

Baroque Chaise Lounge Sofa

classic white sofa

French Dressing

Another classic white and cream colored sofa. A chaise to be specific. Just imagine how Cleopatra might have looked like if this chaise existed in her time!

Beautiful Wingback Sette in Petite Rose Crest

Vintage Sofa


A really cute piece. A wingback sette with a two-tone cream and gray finish that would serve as a great table settee. The cutesy color and feel sure will be loved by teenage girls too!

Modern Vintage Furniture Flair Moda 1


Moda Collection

A sure regal way of seating in any home! The fabrics used sure is homey and really close to nature!

Peppino Aubergine Sofa

two-seater sofa


A two-seater sofa from Creazioni which has sensual curves and brass plated legs that makes this a simple sofa, modern and classic all at the same time!

Shabby Sweet Pink Linen Settee

settee furniture


The details of this pretty settee is really stunning. Another pretty in pink settee that will surely be loved not only by the collectors, but by everyone who will see it!

Styling Your Comfort

vintage furniture

Qasim Hussain

A design created for a print ad. The stuffy pillows is not really vintage-y but the curves on the arm rests and the intricate carvings on the wood is sure a vintage trademark.

Vintage Home Sofa


Darci Goodman Design

So retro! The multi-colored sofa is sure eye-catching and really comfortable! The simple table settee quite contrast the boldness of the sofa.

Yellow Antique Sofa

Settee Designs


Really intricate and ornate details for this pretty antique sofa. The fabric is also pretty.

Darling French Estate Love Seat in Gold Gilt



A perfect example for romantic seating. This French Estate loveseat is carved with gold gilt frame and off white cotton canvas upholstery.

Modern Vintage Furniture Flair Moda 2

vintage sofas

Moda Collection

Don’t you love the fabric used for this sofa? As much as the vintage sofas looked like in terms of the carvings and all, the fabric used usually says a lot about the chair.

Yellow Antique Couch

Vintage Sofa


An antique that showcases the ornate carving and design on the wood used for this sofa! The choice of using a yellow colored fabric contrasts well with the dark wood.

And that culminates the 18 Pretty Vintage Sofas and Settee Designs we have collected for you guys! Like most of us, we can search and see more prettier designs online. But we sure hope you liked the list that we have shown you. We are excited to show you more vintage chairs on one of our next lists. So be sure to wait up for it! For now, you can check 14 Stunning Multi-functional Coffee Tables.