20 Comfortable Oak Living Room Furniture

We already saw a couple of lists that we have in Home Design Lover that showcase oak furniture – whether indoors or outdoors; tables or chairs and so on. Today, what we have is a list of furniture sets in oak that could actually include cabinets, coffee tables, side tables, maybe buffet tables and some chairs too.

The 20 Comfortable Oak Living Room Furniture that we have created for today boasts wonderful sets that came from different manufacturers and designers that opt to use the magnificent oak as material in creating awesome designs that will surely interest not only the people in the country but also in the city too! Check out the list that we have below.

1. Arts & Crafts 1

Helman Sechrist

Helman Sechrist Architecture

The cozy feeling of this living space is just fabulous; the living room set just complements well with the fireplace mantle, the windows and the door!

2. Bryant Residence

Bryant Residence

Trey Cole Design

The oak arm chairs looks large enough to sit in and comfortable with all that cushion and pillows.

3. Classic Oak Living Room Furniture

Classic Oak

Oak Furniture Company

Every oak furniture in this picture is actually looking all pretty – TV console, coffee table, side tables, buffet table/ and that cute cabinet on the far end of this picture.

4. Crafthouse

SALA Architects

Sala Architects Inc.

I’m crazy about the ceiling design of this Crafthouse; the furniture set is pretty much an awesome addition to this wonderful home.

5. Craftsman Living Room

Stickley Furniture

Stickley Furniture

The neutral colors in this living room is calming and actually beautiful to the eyes.

6. Giffin and Crane Living Room

Thompson Naylor6

Thompson Naylor Architects Inc.

I know we are featuring the living room sets in this list, but look at the wood work done in this space and tell me you love it less than the living room set? Haha!

7. Kincraig Solid Oak Furniture Collection

Kincraig Solid

Blackbridge Furnishings

Blackbridge Furnishings sure has a huge list of awesome oak furniture – just looking at this picture and you can pretty much see how much variety they have available.

8. Mission Collection II

Mission Collection

Stickley Furniture

I love the stain on this oak furniture set, it complements well with the walls and the flooring!

9. Mission Collection

Collection Yea

Stickley Furniture

A relative of the picture before this; this living room set is really lovely.

10. Mission-style White Oak Living Room Furniture

Style White

Schrocks of Walnut Creek

The use of maroon or red cushions in wood furniture is quite common, but of course, you can always opt to use another color.

11. New Oak Living Room Furniture

New Oak

Blackbridge Furnishings

Light colored oak sure will make your living rooms brighter and more traditional – in a beautiful way.

12. Normandy French Style Oak Furniture

Normandy French

Excelsior Furniture

Excelsior Furniture sure brags awesome oak furniture items that we can add to your homes!

13. Rosehill

Seavey Builders

Seavey Builders, Inc.

Boxed or cube-type furniture pieces that sure looks a bit masculine, but really appealing – especially that they used black cushions.

14. Sacramento Oak Living Room

Dogwood Interiors

Dogwood Interiors

Fresh and appealing, this oak living room set matches well with the TV-fireplace console by the wall.

15. Santana Reclaimed Oak

Santana Reclaimed

Oak Furniture Solutions

This furniture set sure looks shabby and old-ish, but it definitely looks rad and wonderful.

16. Small Oak Living Room Furniture

Shenzhen Kartoll

Shenzhen Kartoll Design Co., Ltd.

This set maybe my favorite in this list because of how pretty it is and how much modern it looks with mismatched cushions and chairs.

17. Stickley Mission Living Room

Stickley Mission

Stickley Furniture

This living room is cute with a matching dining room set – the color of the floor and the walls match with the color of the oak chairs.

18. Traditional Oak Living Room Furniture

Traditional Oak

Stickley Furniture

I love the rocking chair that is paired with the oak sofa; look at the design of the side table too!

19. Sage Green Pad Solid Oak Set

Sage Green

Oak Furniture Land

This oak living room set’s design is a bit common but it is actually pretty and really homey!

20. White Oak Furniture Set

Pine Cabin

Oak and Pine Cabin

The wallpaper is actually pretty paired with the light-colored furniture.

We have created a list before about 20 Great Rectangular Oak Coffee Tables that might match some of the designs of the coffee tables in the oak living room sets that we have collected above. The 20 Comfortable Oak Living Room Furniture may not be your first choice for your sofa but I’m sure that you’d love the coffee tables and side tables. What do you think about the list guys? Tell us about it!