Sleek and Sophisticated Manutti Outdoor Furniture

In choosing outdoor furniture, it isn’t just the design that matters but we also make sure that it has a high quality and could remain beautiful despite the changing weather. These days, outdoor furniture aren’t just the ordinary ones that are weather resistant but they also have other features too. Others are modular in design while some are multi-functional.

What we will show you today is an outdoor furniture that is composed of five modules and are sleek and sophisticated. The design allows for the possibility to transform it from a sunbed to a living space in a nick of time. The frame of the furniture is made of powder-coated stainless steel. It is covered in Iroko which is an exotic wood that recalls the warmth and charm of the 1970’s. It also includes an aluminum top that gives it a more contemporary style. Aside from that, it has LED lighting integrated underneath the structure of the Air platform.

Take a look at the stunning design of this outdoor furniture. Isn’t it a charmer?

Manutti Outdoor Furniture You can also use it this way by separating it into two seats.

sun bed Or you can turn it into a sunbed like this one. Such a great idea, isn’t it?

sofa coffee table The sofa comes with a coffee table made with the same wooden material as the platform.

sofa design Who would expect that this daybed can actually be a sofa too?

furniture set The furniture comes in gray and white. Whatever color you choose, the design still nailed it!

dark gray furniture A dark gray version of the furniture with throw pillows to make it even cozier.

coffee table The platform is gray too as well as the coffee table so that everything will be coherent.

gray sun bed And this is the sunbed of the dark gray color. Still pretty, right?

LED lights landscape Having LED lights gives it a more theatrical landscape. So lovely isn’t it?

Manutti Outdoor Furniture A closer look at the platform where the soft modules are placed on.

This pretty outdoor furniture is designed by Young Belgian creator, Koen Van Extergem for Manutti Designer Studio. Isn’t it a good thing that you can transform and recreate your outdoor furniture from a sofa to a day bed? And what I like most is the LED lighting integrated into it. It looks very dramatic during the night! It is available in white and dark gray and would soon be available in blue ice which is soft and refreshing. Would you get these furniture for your outdoor space?