Earth-Friendly Jens Praet Shredded Furniture Made from Magazines

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There are many ways to recycle. We can always turn some items that we can consider trash into something very useful. As a matter of fact, talented and very creative DIYers are able to come up with amazing outputs by recycling and upcycling. We can make stuffs from a simple vase to a furniture. Yes, a furniture can be made from recycled items too. Others use bottles but we have recently found one that used shredded magazines.

A furniture collection is made from shredded Elle Decor magazine. Designer Jens Praet collaborated with Elle Decor to come up with the set of furniture for her project called Shredded. It is a four-piece collection comprised of a bench, bookcase, low table, table, and bookcase. The shredded magazine were formed using clear resign and molds. Well, this sure is a smart way to turn trash into something very useful!

Jens Praet Shredded This is the Shredded furniture collection. From afar, you will not notice that these are actually made from magazines.

Shredded table This is the Shredded table. It is sturdy enough to carry some stuffs on it.

work area The table and the bench could pair up together so you can use them even for your work area.

confetti These are manufactured by Wandschappen. Designer said that the confetti of shredded magazines and resin could harden to a firmness that is similar to wood.

Shredded High Bench The Shredded High Bench is made from approximately 6.6 lbs. of magazines. One adult can sit on it.

Shredded Library This one is the Shredded Library that is made from approximately 66 lbs. of magazines.

low table While this is the low table. Obviously, it uses lesser magazines than the other two.

Jens Praet Shredded A closer look at the shredded magazines contained in the resin formation.

I actually think these will look even nicer with some colors in them. Maybe some part of the resin could be painted with lovely designs. Well, that is just my idea but of course, this design of a Shredded furniture collection is from Jens Praet. Genius idea, right? It is really amazing how we can turn trash into functional stuffs just like this furniture. Have you tried recycling some things and use it in a different manner?