Functional Modern Grid System Table That Allows User’s Configuration

I’m not sure if you are familiar with how 3D artists work on wireframes when they design different works from furniture to interior designs in the computer. But what if the furniture really looks like a grid system? I mean, it is inspired with the look of a grid but is as functional as the usual table. But even if it is not solid, it works even better because of its design.

This Grid System is a “furniture series that takes the two dimensional grid, typically used to organize graphical layouts, and applies it towards three-dimensional spaces”. The table is composed of modules specific to the user’s preference. It is composed of mesh boxes that are available in three sizes creating different storage capacities and featuring an A3 plane, an A4 square section, and an A5 section. We will know more about this furniture through the video below and through the images of this Grid System furniture.

Ying Chang Looking at this table with all the contents will make you realize how useful this furniture can be.

Furniture designs Its grids have different heights that offer sitting or standing task area giving complete control to the users.

Grid System Furniture You can place whatever you want from books to pens. Your daily materials will be easy to store in this table that allows maximal storage visibility.

functional design You can take it apart and configure it according to your usage. Steel frames and aluminum rods form structural supports for the table.

Grid System Table It has nylon powder-coated steel meshes that are slid into place.

folded aluminum sheets drawer designs There are folded aluminum sheets which are add-on accessories that can be used as shelves or drawers.

modern Furniture aluminum Furnitures Look how colorful the aluminums look like! It adds some fun twist to this serious looking furniture.

Grid flat surface You can turn it with a flat surface and storage spaces under it. I think can be good even as a dining table.

Grid-style storage This could be how your stuffs will look like when arranged in different sizes and heights of the wire mesh.

Grid System Furniture Aside from the aluminum, there are more accessories that can be used for the table.

Beautiful, right? I think this would be nice for the house. It can be used not just for the working area but also for the kitchen or even for a craft table. The top surface of this Grid System furniture designed by Ying Chang can be utilized for cooking, reading, working, or relaxing. Chang said that “as living spaces get smaller and merge with working spaces, the use of tables, desks and shelving are evolving, yet their basic forms remain largely unchanged.” I agree with him because people these days are fond of merging spaces and functions. Do you agree?