Cute and Colorful Dress Up Furniture with Buttons and Belts

Once a furniture design is inspired with things we used to see, it would look even nicer and appealing to us. There are many furniture that are designed this way. Most of them are conceived from the designer’s being observant of the things around him. And yes, it would become a hit just like what we will feature today.

Korea based designers Hyunjin Seo, Jaekyoung Kim, and Jaehoon Jung of KAMKAM designed a series of furniture that was inspired by how we wear our clothes. Because it is a combination of clothes and furniture, it is soft, approachable and can be fasted using buttons and belts, just like how we wear clothes. The colors of the furniture make it a fun addition to your space. It even looks like a playful furniture for adults.

KAMKAM Lovely colors, right? I know you like it because the colors are light to the eyes.

Furnitures This is the Cham Bench that has storage and belt-like fastener. Of course, it has soft and comfy upholstered seat.

Dress Up Furniture Every item in this collection has that soft look because of the upholstery.

Colorful Furniture The Dressed Up Stool has a cute cubby storage and a pocket- just like a button-down shirt!

Buttons and Belts This one is a cabinet called Cham. It can be opened and closed using a belt-like fastener which can also be fastened by an inner magnet to make it more secure.

Cute Furniture designs Love the print? This one is from the Modern Boy collection featuring a cabinet and a stool.

Dress Up Furniture I like this stool as it resembles a suit!

The Dress Up Furniture from KAMKAM are indeed the cutest. Their colors are like candies that really look fun and playful. Opening and closing them is fun too and it will allow you to do tasks that are just familiar to you because you do that every day from buttoning to fastening belts. Do you like this series of clothes and furniture combo?