Artistic and Elegant Alix Sofa Combines Graffiti and Furniture Design

It is indeed amazing how artists and designers can come up with beautiful furniture and home decors. Well, ideas from these designers always excite DIYers as they can also get new inspiration for their own projects. It is indeed astonishing that the things that we use in the house, may that be bought ready-made or a personal DIY can double as a functional piece and a decor. Yup, just like the Alix Sofa

The Alix Sofa is a collaboration between renowned French graffiti artist Tilt and Amaze workshops. The piece combines statement style and quality that resulted into an iconic and bold sofa. The monochrome color made it look more striking as it is made from padded leather with a clean wooden framework. I actually think that the framework did it all. On one side, it is a traditional graffiti work by Tilt but on the other side is a luxury piece of furniture. Let us take a look at the video below and of the images of the sofa.

If you look at it, you think that it is a graffiti of a cloud. A work huge work of art, that is.

Alix Sofa white But it is actually an elegant looking piece of furniture with a stunning design.

sofa design I know you think that this sofa is best for photo shoots and as a mere piece that we would stare on instead of sitting on. Just gorgeous!

upholstered Sofa It is upholstered and tufted in black which gives it that sophisticated look.

Alix close up Sofa The wood working is impressive too and it has that interesting erotic edge.

Well, expect something like this if a graffiti artist and furniture designer works together. This is indeed a lovely piece from Amaze and Tilt. Ahuh. You will be titling with amazement indeed! I want this sofa in my house but I would only choose people who could sit on it for a few minutes. Lol. I don’t want it damaged. But then, this is just a limited edition piece and I am not sure how many pieces are still available. Lucky are the ones who got one!