10 Common Mistakes When Renovating

There comes a time when we decide to renovate our house because our needs might have changed. Or maybe you have purchased a property that still needs renovation like an old house that you want to be remodeled into something that would be a perfect home for you to live in. Is it that simple to have a renovation? In truth, it isn’t. You have to deal with a lot of things even prior to the renovation.

Sometimes, someone would just walk inside a house and decide on investing on it without the idea of what is the total cost of the project, the length of time for the work, the value added to the house after the renovation, and what order of things are needed to be done. Well, aside from that, there are some common renovation mistakes that homeowners commit. But we can actually do away with it once we are aware what it is. So, we have summarized them for you. We have included photos of successful renovations to inspire you!

1. Uncertain reasons for renovating.

Uncertain reasons for renovating Why are you renovating? What made you decide to renovate? Are you sure that you want to change some areas of your home and that you are willing to spend for it? Assess the reasons of the renovation. Are you doing this because you need to or just because you want to? The need to renovate differs from merely your desire to change the look of your space. But we are not saying that it is wrong to renovate when you want it. Just see to it that once you do it, you are aware of the costs and even the scope of work needed. Also, if you do not intend to live in the house forever, do not do a renovation that might detract prospective buyers in the future.

2. Unrealistic budget.

Unrealistic budget

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When you budget your money for renovations, make sure it is realistic and not too small. Some people think that the budget they have is enough for the project and would have a brief that actually cost way beyond their allocated amount. Before you make a budget, list down what you want for the house and if you are not sure, consult a professional about how much it would cost. If you think you can afford it, then go for it. Don’t forget to always stick to your budget and look for a contractor that can work within that budget with a good quality.

3. Unsure of what you want for the renovation.

Unsure of what you want for the renovation


Determine what you want for the renovation (And make up your mind). So, what do you want for your house to look like? What do you need for the renovation? You have to be sure if you want hardwood for the flooring or ceramic tiles. You have to be sure of what kind of design you want for a kitchen island before the work begins. You have to be sure if really want yellow for the walls or if you really want to add crown molding to the ceiling. Everything has to be agreed upon between you and the contractor so that the work will run smoothly. When you decide on something, don’t keep on changing your mind because this will break the budget and the schedule of the project.

4. Getting a contractor without assessment.

Getting a contractor without assessment

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Now you are already sure that you would have a renovation. Next thing to do is to get a contractor. Choose wisely. If you meet one contractor, don’t say yes at once. Do background check. Aside from that, it would be wise on your part if you ask for quotes from different contractors. This way, you could choose the ones with a good price and good terms for the project. It is important to get the right contractor to make sure you are not wasting your money.

5. Being too personal.

Being too personal

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Now what do I mean by this one? Well, if you are not planning to stay in the same house forever, then don’t paint your floor purple just because you want to. I know the example is kind of weird but we do know that some people have a “creative” color and design preference. If you intend to sell the house in the future, then make sure that you will not add some items that would make it less saleable.

6. Being too trendy.

Being too trendy

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Nothing is wrong with being trendy but the downside of this is that it won’t be timeless and would easily go out of style. The best way is to incorporate some trendy features into it subtly or you can do it with the decors which can be updated from time to time.

7. Not matching the renovation to the rest of the house.

Sea grass.

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Don’t give the feeling that you are in a different place once they are in that renovated area in the house. Also, it would not look nice if you have a modern design but your windows and doors are Victorian. You have to make sure that there is coherence in the design all throughout the house. Even the addition has to match the rest of the house. It is important that there is balance in the design.

8. Economizing on things you cannot see.

Economizing on things you cannot see

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It isn’t just the things that we can see that needs to be of good quality. Those that are concealed has to be of high quality too. This includes your plumbing and electrical wirings. A beautiful bathroom would be worthless if water is leaking and the tiles are popping. Remember that these are very important because you have to consider function first before aesthetics.

9. Disregarding safety.

Disregarding safety

Moneca Kaiser

Safety is very important. Take note that when you are renovating, you will be exposed to tools and even scattered materials. Make sure the area being renovated is safe especially if there are kids around. If you are doing the renovation by yourself, then consider electrical hazards and even load-bearing walls. It is better safe than sorry.

10. Not getting a permit.

Not getting a permit

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If you think you don’t need one, you have to get one because when your city inspector come to your house and see that you are doing some renovations without a permit, you will be asked to pay for charges. For sure, that wasn’t included in your budget. Aside from breaking the budget, the work might even be ceased until you have acquired a permit. It is always important to follow the rules.

So, you think renovating is a piece of cake? Nah. I have heard some people having headaches because of this. It is the result of poor planning or a wrong choice of contractor. That is why before you start renovating plan everything well. Do not rush things and have a budget. We hope you will find this post helpful especially if you are planning to do some house renovation.