How to Protect Your Home from Burglars

Have you heard the news about homes being ransacked by burglars?

For sure your family is alarmed and you are double-checking your locks. No one wants to experience this which might even risk the lives of the family members.

But if you really want to ensure the safety of your family, there are things that you can do to make sure that your home is safe from burglars and even from crimes.

Yes, I know you think no one can stop these unfortunate events from happening but that doesn’t mean that you will not do anything to prevent it from happening.

So, how can you ensure your home’s safety?

These tips might help:

Outside the house

Start protecting your home by checking your outdoor area. Walk around it and survey it with a burglar’s eyes. Check how your home looks like outside- if you can easily peep inside or you if you can quickly open locks from outside. Aside from that, consider these tips:

1. Build a fence.

Build a fence

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The number one thing that you need to do in order to protect your home is to build a fence. This is the best way to keep unwanted visitors off your property. It is recommended to use a fence that is ideally secured into concrete to prevent it from being lifted. An open chain-link or metal fence is also better than a solid fence because when it’s tall and solid, it is easier to climb and burglars may use it as a place to hide. But if you really need a solid fence to reduce noise, make sure to add sharp pointed metals or barbed wire on top of it.

2. Install motion sensor lighting.

Install motion sensor lighting

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When you have this, it would be hard for intruders to get into your property since they will be in the spotlight before they can go near the door. You can also add extra motion detectors and lights on your windows and in dark areas.

3. Prune trees and trim shrubs.

Prune trees and trim shrubs

You don’t want to thieves to hide in your bushes or behind your trees. Hence, always trim your bush and prune your trees regularly. You can also plant thorny shrubs near your windows. Cut long branches since it might reach to the windows of your second floor.

4. Buy a quality padlock.

Buy a quality padlock

Do not hesitate to spend money for a padlock because there are inexpensive ones that are just easy to open. Even if you just use the padlock at night, see to it that it is of good quality. Always keep your garage door lock unless you are inside or just near it because someone might sneak in without you knowing.

5. Increase outdoor lighting.

Increase outdoor lighting

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Thieves will do away with bright areas because of course, they don’t want to get caught. Hence, increase your outdoor lighting and see to it that there will be no dark areas where burglars can hide. You can also talk to your neighborhood association about this so that there will be enough street lights. Burglars will stay away from a well-lit neighborhood.

Inside the house

Aside from the outdoor space, you also have to make sure that your home is secure from the inside.

How can you do that? Here are some tips for you:

1. Keep all doors and windows locked.

Keep all doors and windows locked

If you leave your windows and doors open, it is like you are inviting burglars into your home. Hence, always close them and lock them whether you are at home or not. Use deadbolt locks for exterior doors and update your locks from time to time. The easiest targets of burglars are the door attached to the garage. So, you have to make sure that it is locked all the time.

2. Don’t label your keys.

Don't label your keys

I know many of us actually add markings on our keys to make sure that we know which is which. But do not write labels that are very obvious. You can color code your keys and only you and your family what it means. This way, if other people will get your keys, they will not know where these are for.

3. Buy a home security system.

Buy a home security system

If you really want your home to be safe, then buy a home security system which comes with so many features like sensors, outdoor alarms, and even security cameras. You will be given the freedom to choose which features best fits your need. Choose a reputable company that provides a home security system and once you have it, use it regularly. Know more about having a smart home to increase its security.

4. Install safety glass or metal bars.

Install safety glass or metal bars

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There are chances that a burglar will break into small windows which will help them gain entry to a home. Hence, make sure to install safety glass or if you there is still enough space, add some metal bars. These can come in different decorative options that can add beauty to your windows.

5. Secure your valuables.

Secure your valuables

If you own many valuables like jewelry or if you keep some huge cash in the house, buy a home safe or a lockbox. It would be better to mount it on the floor so that burglars won’t just simply take the entire safe with them. Make sure that only you and a trusted loved one know the combination.

As always, it is better to prevent anything bad to happen, than to wait for it to happen before you do something, right? That is why it is recommended to keep your home safe all the time. Always check the locks before going to bed and see to it that there are no dark areas around the house where a burglar can lurk. The safety of your family is of utmost importance, hence, protect them by keeping your home safe 24/7! What other advice can you give to ensure the safety of your home?