12 Truly Entertaining Home Theater Designs

People who are busy with work would love to unwind when they get home. A relaxing pool could give one a refreshing feel after a tiring work or a nice bed could provide a comfortable rest. But others feel relaxed and also entertained when they could see a good movie to get a good laugh, to give their minds a rest or merely to be entertained. If your family enjoy watching movies together, then a home theatre could be right for you to own.

Home theatres are not really necessary for every home. Most homeowners prefer to use the living room as their entertainment area. But for some, a home theater is an important area. This would be possible if you have a spare room. Turn that room into a home theater and you will surely not regret for creating one. You can get some guide on how to design a home theater or an entertainment room from Home Design Lover. But for now, allow us to give you a tour on some home theater designs that would certainly impress you. Take a look at our showcase below.

Home Theater

Home Theater Designs


A modern looking home theater with shades of biege and terracota using sleek lines and soft materials.

Contemporary Home Theater

luxurious home theater

A luxurious home theater where one can enjoy sitting on the soft seats while watching a great movie.

Salle Media

cozy contemporary

Bruno Cardinal

Get as much comfort as you want in this cozy contemporary home theater.

Salle Media 2

media set

Bruno Cardinal

Another design that shows a home theater and living room in one making the media set and fireplace as focal points.

Star Trek Home Theater

air-lock doors

Take a look at this home theater that produces realistic sound effects and motion-activated air-lock doors.

private bar

Acoustic Innovations

It is said that it took 4 years and 6 months to plan this theater which also has its private bar.

Home Theater

Home Theater Designs

Jacek Zaworski

Four seater home theater apt for a small family who loves to spend time watching movies together.

Ultimate Home Theater

geometric wall decors

Audio Video Interiors

Creatively designed with blue and violet geometric wall decors that truly made this one look extraordinary.

Pirates Home Theater

pirate ship theme

This home theater is so unique and would surely give one the feeling of being in a pirate ship.

Home Theaters and Beyond

Romantic and elegant

Romantic and elegant looking home theater with a strong impact using red shades and good lighting.

Batman Cave Theater

Batman inspired accents


For those who are Batman lovers, this one would fit their taste for it really looks like a cave with Batman inspired accents.

Futuristic Home Theater

pillar accents

Acoustic Innovations

Looking great with pillar accents and silver and biege touches to get a futuristic look.

Star Wars Home Theater

Home Theater Designs

Dillon Works

If there is home theater for Batman lovers, there is also one for Star Wars fans.

Aren’t these home theater designs impressive? Those theatres with unique concepts look great and very creative. You will surely be inspired to make one for your own home, too. If you have decided to create one, be sure that your pocket is ready because it would entail certain amount of money. But after you have made one, you will surely be glad you opted to have a home theater.