What You Need to Know About Smart Homes

Want to have a smart house? Here are some things you need to know first.

When technology boomed during the 21st century it was the most unforgettable transformation that happened in the history. Up to this moment, innovation of technology is very fast which turns to be an advantage to our daily living.

Through this variation construction of buildings and homes has also been very advanced producing a high-end edifice. And it appears to be that most of the people these days prefer and desire to have “smart homes”.

So how can you have smart technology automation for your homes? How does this work? If you are technophile, (a person who is enthusiastic about technology) then this will be very useful for you.

But before even starting, you must know the important things in building a home and soon after it’ll even be easier to build a smart home.

What is a Smart Home?

keyword A smart home is defined as an abode that integrates the use of highly developed automation systems.

With the use of smart phones, gadgets and computers the dwellers take full control on home’s lighting, temperature, ventilation, security, entertainment, appliances and other important home systems.

But the most important feature is its way of saving the environment.

What are advantages?

Using home automation systems is not just for the sake of aesthetic purposes and being on trend.

In a deeper sense, it is highly efficient and beneficial for every dweller. There are several advantages that we can obtain from using home automation system. Such advantages are:

1. Convenience. From the time that technology has evolved convenience was its equivalent effect. How much more during these days? Wherein you can just do whatever you want to do with just one click. Imagine the handiness it brings – you can all these things at the same time – close the window curtains, wash dishes, do the laundry while sitting on your couch enjoying that high definition entertainment set.

2. Security. During these days when crimes and other illegal acts are rampant it is important to be secured. You can attain a high level security with the use of access doors, and alarm systems. And there are also natural disasters that can be prevented with the use of warning systems and fire alarm system.

3. Energy Saving. How can this be possible? This very much possible, with the use of these home automations you can control or manage the energy usage of your appliance. You can just regulate the usage of light and other cooling equipment. So it is guaranteed that appliances are only operating when used. In this way, you can save with your bills and your environment is secluded as well. So better go green to save money!

How does the automation work?

keyword Apparently, it all works with the help of technology! You need to have at least one of the personal handheld gadgets like Smartphone, tablet, or even a laptop. And with the aid of “Internet + Applications” you can already control and monitor your homes even when you’re at work or on a vacation.

Most of these electronic gadgets work under four communication procedures namely X10, Z-Wave, UPD and EnOcean.

What are the common features of a smart home?

Accomplishing a smart home is not that complicated if only you have planned it cautiously and delicately.

It is very important that prior installation you must have finished formulating your ideas and ask help from the experts.

You must have identified the areas of your home that you want to have smart automation. Or what roles of smart automation you wish you apply in that particular area?

To get you ready in accomplishing your own smart home feel free to use this guide.

1. Door Access System

keyword The security and safety of your home is your top priority. And the most essential function of access system is to stay away from anybody who is not supposed to be inside your home. Smart locks are electromechanical in type. In which it is locked and unlocked only by instructions from a wireless system or by entering a secret code. It can be installed on any part of your homes that needs to be confidential.

2. Smart Window

keyword Smart window is named as smart glass as well. It is an extraordinary kind of glass in which the light transmission properties are distorted when voltage, light, and heat is administered. Once installed, it controls the flow of light. Thus, it saves energy by decreasing the need for heat and cooling and it can be program for privacy if needed.

3. Automated Blinds

keyword If in a case that smart window is way too expensive for you it can be replaced with motorized blinds or curtains. Although there is a big difference between the two there purposes are reasonably alike. The motorized blind is also automated. For your convenience, you can either just press the button of the remote or program it with your gadgets.

4. Smart Lighting

keyword This kind of lighting installation is intended for energy efficiency. It is believed that smart lighting uses up to 80% less energy than the traditional light bulb. In which this is a good way to save light. This is possible for the reason that it automatically regulates and control the amount of light emanated. There is no need to switch it on and off manually, it can be programmed anytime if needed or not.

5. Wireless Thermostat

keyword This is also a home automation device accountable for domineering your home’s temperature. Some thermostat when placed on the wall they automatically program itself its best features for your system. But you can just adjust its settings for your expediency via Smartphone. It also alarms you if ever there is an excessive hot or cold in your area.

6. Distributed Audio System

keyword One of the highlights that a smart home must have is the distributed audio system. The installation consists of a number of speakers fixed either on the ceiling, wall, or ground. In this manner, the dwellers can fully experience the harmonious sound of music in both indoor and outdoor setting. Through the use of any gadget you can access the playlist and even control the settings in any part of your house. It would be very easy this time to create a very entertaining home theater.

7. Smart TV

keyword Due to advancement of technology, television is one of the many appliances that offer a series of transformation. Smart TV is a television set that features the technological amalgamation of television and computer. It is integrated with internet and web features for a more advanced connectivity and entertainment. Through this you can extend the amusement by incorporating game consoles, digital media players and other display outputs.

8. Smart Appliances

keyword An ideal smart home have a series of smart appliances available for usage. Imagine how convenient it is when your fridge keeps track on the food, guides you with recipe and monitor expiry dates. Washing machines can alert you when the washing is done. Ovens and coffee makers can inform you when they’re done making your food and coffee. Life can be that expedient with these smart appliances.

9. Wireless Security Camera

keyword Not all the time we spend our entire day inside our homes. So it’s a good thing to have security cameras inside and outside your homes. This time you can already keep an eye on everything you left in your home. And with the help of smart applications you can monitor the status of your home through your Smartphone no matter where you are or what you’re doing. In this way you are securing your homes as well as your minds.

10. Alarm System

keyword A smart house is not only a matter of integrating high-end appliances and advanced technology applications. You must ask yourself on how can you protect and prepare your family from unwanted accidents? Well, simple as installing alarm system inside your homes. It comes from a variety of choices such as fire alarm, burglar alarm, smoke detector, gas leak sensor, wind and rain sensor, and wireless IR detector. All of these are very useful devices that should be included in creating your smart house.

Life has never been simpler, secured, and more pleasant until home automation has come into existence. It‘s just amazing to know that through technology you can amazingly create an abode that is not only luxurious but very efficient.

Most important benefit of these is when you get to monitor and control the energy usage – this is how to promote green living!