Be Earth Conscious: Ten Tips to Go Green in Your House

With the current situation of our planet, everyone is exerting effort to go green. This way, we are able to save our home one small step at a time. There are many Earth-friendly campaigns these days and it is up to you on how you are going to join the cause. But even if you do not participate in events like this, you can still show your support and care to nature by going green in everything you do. There are simple ways to help the environment like throwing your trash properly and conserving energy.

Yes, even simple acts like that can go a long way. So, how about in your homes, how can you go green? Well, there are some easy ways to help nature and we don’t even have to spend much time or even money for it. But there are also some that entails money for the first step but would eventually save you a lot in the end. Now, let us try to discuss what you can do to go green in your own homes.

1. Use CFL lighting.

Use CFL lighting


We got used in using incandescent but to using compact fluorescent bulb (CFL) can actually give more benefits for us. It helps to prevent the emission of over 400 pounds of greenhouse gases. It would help us save energy and money. Watch your electricity bill go down with CFL. This kind of lighting convert energy into light instead of heat. You can save energy with this because it consumes 75 percent less electricity and would last up to 10 times longer.

2. Check your plumbing to avoid water drips.

Check your plumbing to avoid water drips

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Save water merely by making sure that your pipes and your faucet doesn’t have leaks. There are many homes that have water dripping from it even when nobody is using them. This is an evident waste of water. This is a simple tasks but can do big for nature. Also, you will be able to save money since you won’t be paying too much for your bills.

3. Unplug appliances and electronics when not in use.

Unplug appliances and electronics when not in use Wonderful Engineering

Unplug everything that has LED glowing even when you have turned it off. Most of the time, we can see this on televisions and other appliances. When you are done using them, unplug them to save energy and electricity and of course, money too. Before you go to sleep at night, make it a habit to check all your appliances and unplug them all. Your bill will surely be lesser if you do this.

4. Reuse jars, bottles and other containers.

Reuse jars and other containers

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We all use food products and other items that are placed in jars, bottles and other containers. Instead of throwing them away, make use of them. Wash jars and use it as containers for your kitchen or even for other items you use at home. You can use bottles as planters and in many different ways too. Doing this will help lessen trash and you will surely be glad that you were able to turn trash into something functional.

5. Let natural light in.

Let natural light in

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When it is daytime, turn off the lights. Open the windows and doors and let natural light it. When you do this, you are able to save electricity and you will also feel healthier with the sun’s light inside your home. You will also feel even more relaxed with natural light.

6. Use organic home cleansers.

Use organic home cleansers

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I know you got used with toxic home cleaning. Some of them smells good while others have that smell that would make us feel dizzy. The smell of our home from these toxic cleaners is what we call clean but if you use organic home cleaners, this will be a healthier option for you and you will get an even better result. Remember that our grandparents only used baking powder and vinegar for cleaning many home items.

7. Plant trees around the house.

Plant trees around the house

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Yes, you have to plant some trees and bushes around your house. This will not just boost your home’s curb appeal but it will also benefit your house in so many ways. Your house will be protected from direct sunlight because of the trees around it. It would be best to have a tree on the south and west sides. You can also save a lot on heating and cooling if the trees cover your air conditioning unit.

8. Have a compost pit.

Have a compost pit

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If your yard is spacious, consider making your own compost pit. This way, you can help lessen the trash on dumping sites. Make it a habit to separate biodegradable and non-biodegradable so that it is easy to dump. You can even make fertilizers from that soil where you have dump some biodegradables.

9. Invest on kitchen and dining utensils instead of disposable ones.

Invest on kitchen and dining utensils instead of disposable ones

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Why would you need to use disposable stuffs in the kitchen when you can buy those that you can use for a long time. Just like using aluminum pans instead of the sturdier roasting pan. Also, use cloth napkins for dining instead of disposable napkins. This way, you can help lessen trash and you have saved money in the long run.

10. Recycle, repurpose or reuse.

Recycle, repurpose or reuse

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Always remember this three things. Recycle items like bottles, plastics, cans and others that wouldn’t decompose. Repurpose old stuffs into something more functional. Reuse items in a different manner by coming up with something new. When you DIY, you aren’t just creating new things for your usage but you are also helping nature.

Didn’t I tell you that going green isn’t that hard? Well, after reading the points above, I am sure you realized that it is easy to do some simple steps to

help the environment. If you haven’t started going green, now is the right time to do it because our homes is the first place where we should do something for Mother Earth.