Decorating Tips for a New Home

If you are moving to a new home, you would be thinking about a lot of things. This will include how you would pack your stuff and how you would decorate your new home. That would be challenging on your part especially if you do not have knowledge in design or in decorating. Decorating your new home is important because this will transform the house into a home. How would you do that?

For sure, there would be a huge difference from your old home to your new dwelling. The layout would be different. Even the sizes of the window are different which might mean that you would need a new curtain. But before you start buying stuffs, check your home first. To help you, we have here some pointers on how you can decorate your new home.

1. Have properly organized boxes.

Have properly organized boxes

Before you start decorating your new home, be sure that you have segregated the boxes that you will be opening. These boxes contain your stuffs. It has to be well organized with proper labels. When getting them inside your new house, place them in areas of the house where these items inside will be placed. Like if you have a box of items for the bedroom, then place that box in the bedroom

2. Clean your house.

Clean your house

Your house should be clean before you open boxes and take out items for the home. This will make your home available for occupancy at once because you won’t need to clean anymore. Also, it would be a hassle to be placing things and cleaning them afterwards. But do not forget to clean your old home before you leave it.

3. Survey your new home.

Survey your new home

Try to assess your home. Look around it and try to picture how your furniture and home décor would look inside. Look into the different parts of the house so you can plan well on how you will work on it. This will also tell you what you will still need for it.

4. Mix and match furniture.

Mix and match furniture

Do you have old furniture from your previous home? You can use them too instead of buying a new set. Do not worry much about furniture because you can actually get an eclectic look by mixing and matching old pieces together. You can also revamp the look of your furniture by repainting them or repairing them if there are damages.

5. Think of comfort first.

Think of comfort first

If you decide to get new furniture, then make sure that you look at how comfortable it is and not just how beautiful it is. At least, you would get that feeling of being on a new place by getting a more comfortable feel inside through your furniture. But of course, you need to consider other aspects in when buying new furniture like its price and quality too.

6. Unite home interior’s look with colors.

Unite home interior’s look with colors

Colors are important for your home. It can make your home interior cozier. Choose colors that will tie everything together. You can do this by picking items with that color like a throw pillow cover with that color accent. But we do not mean that you have to be monochromatic! Get accessories and decors with touches of that color. Say if you want red for the bedroom, you can get a curtain with red prints and add some pillow cover with red linings.

7. Create accent walls.

Create accent walls

Make your walls look livelier by adding some wallpaper, a gallery, stripes or chevron patterns and others. You do not have to do that for all of your walls. An accent wall will make a huge difference to the look of your home. This will also draw your guests’ attention to that certain area of the house.

8. Try DIYs.

Try DIYs

You can save a lot of money if you decorate your home with DIY items. There are so many DIY stuffs on the internet. You can try to look for whatever you want and you will surely find a helpful video or tutorial that could teach you to make some decors for your home. With that, you can make your own decors and mimic the look of some items that you love without spending too much.

9. Do some repairs.

Do some repairs

Check the house if there are some areas that needs repair. Ask someone to do it if you do not know how to repair it but if you can do it by yourself that would be better. Aside from repairing some parts of the house, you can also do that with your furniture, decors and others. This will also help you save money.

10. Assess home before purchasing anything.

Assess home before purchasing anything

It is important that you check on your home’s needs first before you buy items. This is true for your furniture and other decorations because if you buy things first without proper assessment, you might waste your money. There is a tendency that the items you purchased will not fit in your new home.

If you think you cannot do the decorating then, try to hire a decorator or an interior designer. This will make things a lot easier for you but you can also save money if you will just do it by yourself. Do not forget to have good planning when taking your stuffs inside the house because this can help lessen your worries in arranging your things and in decorating your new home. Be sure to check on our tips on How to Get Organized When You’re Moving for this could also help you.