How to Get Organized When You’re Moving

There are times when the family needs to move to a new or better home. Well, many of us experienced this already and we all know that it isn’t easy to transfer especially if you have lots of things to bring with you. But one key to have a stress-free moving is to get organized. And you can do that in ten steps.

Moving to a new house is a life event that the entire family would never forget. Hence, make it more memorable by doing things rightly and by doing a smooth and easy transfer. Stop worrying about how you can move your household because you can do it once you start right. So, if you are currently planning to move, then this post is for you.

1. Get plenty of boxes and supplies.

Get plenty of boxes and supplies

Of course, you need boxes. You might even need more boxes than you think you do. Before you buy boxes, try to check if you have some old boxes that you can utilize at home. This way, you can also save some money. Aside from boxes, get some packing tapes, packing paper, bubble wrap and other supplies that you think you need. But do not spend too much for these supplies.

2. Be organized when packing.

Be organized when packing

It is important that you pack in an organized manner. Do not just dump things anywhere. Make sure that you have boxes intended for certain things. Then label them. You should also keep a list of all the boxes you have, their labels and take some notes on what items are inside those boxes. This way, you don’t need to open them all just to check what is inside.

3. Pack according to designated areas.

Pack according to designated areas

Be sure that you will keep things together. Pack things according to where they are in the house. Like, you should place plates and glasses together, books and bookends, and so on and so forth. This way, you won’t need to look for little things from other boxes because that will surely be a headache!

4. Pack little by little.

Pack little by little

It would be very tiring to pack everything in your house for just a day. So, if you have already planned of moving, you can start packing early. Try to allocate some time on a day to pack stuffs. Then pack more the next day. This way, you will have more time to check on what you have packed. You will also not forget to label them.

5. Dispose other things.

Dispose other things

Keep your things to minimal. Dispose other items that you no longer need. You can have a garage sale. moving sale or you can donate some of your things to charity. This way, you won’t need to bring so many things with you.

6. Pack some things ahead.

Pack some things ahead

There are particular items in your house that you can already pack since you will not be using them. This includes your collections, books, magazines and others. Some cooking utensils, kitchen accessories, home decors can also be kept already. You can still survive even without them. But be sure to separate items that you will still be needing while you are still in your house.

7. Set aside cleaning materials.

Set aside cleaning materials

Moving also means that you have a lot of cleaning to do. So, prepare your cleaning materials too. You would need to clean your new house as well as the house that you will be leaving. Remember to always clean the areas that you have left empty after packing. This can help you save time and this can also save you from accumulating dusts in the house.

8. Keep valuable items.

Keep valuable items

Your personal valuables should be kept on a different box. You can even have a bag solely for these things. This will ensure you that your personal valuables like jewelries and antique collections are safe and secure. It is a smart decision to keep these things with you before you finally move to the new house.

9. Have a survival box.

Have a toolbox ready for minor fixtures

A survival box contains the essential things you and your family needs. This could include your coffeemaker, your kid’s favorite toys and others. If you have this, you can just easily get what you need from that box without searching for it in other boxes.

10. Think of transportation.

Think of transportation

How are you going to transport your things? You have to include this in the planning. Contact vans and other large vehicles who offer transport services in moving your things to a new place. You can even save more money if you do a good research first on which one has a lesser fee but good service.

You can actually keep your sanity while transferring to a new house. You can only do that if you have organized your things when packing. This will make it easier for you to take them out of the boxes once you have moved. If you are still looking for a place to move in, you read on how you can choose the right place to live when relocating.