Chelsea Artist Studio: A Creative Cozy Contemporary Home in England

There is really something about homes where you can clearly see what is the personality and interest of the owners. Seeing a home like this could seemingly create a connection between the owners and the home. We can even feel and see that connection too. A home becomes more personalized and distinct this way. So today, we will show you a home that is owned by an artist. Expect an artistic and creative space!

A historical two bedroom artist’s studio located in the heart of Chelsea, in London, England, United Kingdom, showcases high ceilings and inviting lateral living space. Because it is owned by an artist, it has stunning decorative details. This two level property has mezzanines in both levels. With the high vaulted ceilings and tall windows, plenty of natural light could penetrate into the home. The house consists of 1,174 square feet of living space with plenty of wonderful features like a “contemporary kitchen with modern appliances, two separate living spaces for family gatherings and a gallery master bedroom with a walk-in closet. There is a second gallery bedroom on a mezzanine level that overlooks the living room below”.

England home High ceilings made the space look even more inviting and airy.

Cozy Contemporary You can see here that the house has a mezzanine for the bedroom where a kitchen is tucked under it.

Chelsea Artist Studio This is on the lower level of the house with another living space and a gallery of artworks on the wall.

horse sculpture Aside from the artworks, there is an interesting horse sculpture and even an easel stand for the television.

coffee table I like the softness the coffee table with an upholstered top could give to this part of the home.

unique furnitures Even the dining table looks pretty unique with two chairs on the edges.

family room The family room has shades of blue and beige which is different from the colorful living area below.

staircase Notice the treads of the staircase that is carpeted with stripes.

dining table When you look closely at the dining table, it has indeed a creative design!

bookshelves You can also see bookshelves and other storage furniture around the public areas of the house.

Chelsea Artist Studio The kitchen is small and compact but very much functional.

mezzanine Take a glimpse of the mezzanine where an array of cabinets are seen.

kitchen The kitchen may look simple but adding two stools of different colors as well as books on the hanging cabinet made it look creative.

beige tones This is the bed that sits in the mezzanine of the house with gray and beige tones.

bedroom Another bedroom in the house that looks like occupied by teens located in the lower level.

bathroom This is the bathroom with a separate shower area and a vintage looking vanity.

shower area Another bathroom in the house with artworks in the wall and a glass that separates the shower area.

Chelsea Artist Studio This is the floor plan of the house. Look closely and located the areas you have seen above.

Indeed, when you incorporate your personality to a space, it becomes unique and beautiful. It even becomes a more cozy place to live in just like this Chelsea Artist Studio. You can see how everything in the house is based on the artists’ taste, hobbies and design preference. Can you tell me what you love most in this space?