The Neat Apartment Interior Design in Moskovyan Plaza, Armenia

Like our houses, apartments also get the same treatment when it comes to design because it is also occupied as a “home”. That is why you have seen many apartment interiors here in Home Design Lover. Today, we will showcase another apartment that has an exceptional design. This is an apartment in “Moskovyan Plaza” located in the “Moskovyan Plaza” complex in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia. It is a project visualized by Russian studio ITHAKA-Architecture and Design.

The designers of the apartment envisioned it as a functional and practical yet neatly and comfortable space. With that, minimalism with some warm accents is the main style using natural materials to create an overall ecological and individual atmosphere. The interior made use of gentle pastel colors as well as beige, grey and brown to break the monotony of white. The living room is surrounded by large windows for a bright and spacious appearance. Let us take a look at the interior of this apartment through the picture below.

ITHAKA-Architecture and Design

We’d guess that this is the foyer of the apartment with minimal furniture. The area rug in geometrical design and gentle colors seems to prepare us for the beauty that we will see inside.


The ceiling is lovely too which is a plus for this area.

Apartment Moskovyan

The chandelier will draw the eyes of the guests to the living room as it is seemingly enveloped by an arc sofa in beige.

grand piano

A grand piano exudes with appeal as it graces this living room. The soft round area rug with a low round coffee table is also a beautiful addition.

large dining area

This sure is a large dining area. We love the look of the ceiling where in the lights seem to peep from it.

artistic sliding panels

This spot has an artistic sliding panels decorated with J. Pollock’s painting’s prints that highlights the display of wine. Behind it is a mirror which brings more light to the space.

sophisticated bedroom

Lovely yet simple. But we can also say that this is a sophisticated bedroom! The walls are painted with snow-white color while a decorative panel made of genuine walnut wood framing is at the head of the bed.

Apartment Moskovyan

It is surrounded with white cabinets and walls that seem to look as one. The sand colored carpet defines the area as it adds some soft feel to the bedroom too.

bathroom walls

The wall of this bathroom is the same as that of the bedroom. This is a good idea for a wall texture using wood! All storage systems are hidden and built into the wall.

unpolished granite tiles

The bathroom has a shower enclosed in glass as well as a bath tub too which isn’t seen in this picture. Floor is covered with unpolished granite tiles.

home office

The apartment also contains a home office with whites and browns around it.

lounge furnitures

In the same area is this lounge where one can sit and relax. But what we love most in this space are the wall shelving.

Apartment Moskovyan

In this shot, we are given a better view of the entire home office. We know most of us dream of something like this!

Furniture of famous Italian furniture manufacturers “Cattelan Italia”, “Poliform”, etc., as well as lamps from leading lights factories “XAL” and “Vibia” are used in the apartment design. No wonder that the overall look of the apartment is really filled with beauty! From the contrasting white walls and wood wenge of the hallway to the simple geometric forms of the bathroom, this apartment is certainly something the Ithaka-Architecture and Design could be proud of!