Impressive Lighting of a Black and White Apartment in Moscow

A monochromatic apartment with added colors through its glam lighting.

One aspect that gives a place beauty is its lighting. We have seen that already in many homes, apartments and even in the garden. Yes, there are different ways to apply lighting in the home. You can combine various lighting types or you can even experiment on were to position them to create a look that will bring much drama to your space. Speaking of that, we have here a stunning apartment that we will feature today. This space has modern furniture and black and white interior but do you know what adds color to it? The lights!

We came across an apartment designed by Geometrix Design which is actually a renovation. This apartment in Moscow is very stunning and is “mostly monochromatic with an emphasis on furniture and lighting.” Yes, it may sound weird and rare that a house has a monochromatic design with lovely lighting but that is how the apartment was designed. The interior is just black and white but there is some furniture with colors too. But the colors of some furniture are just plain so that it won’t be too much in the black and white apartment. To make it look colorful, the lights went in to play. The lighting of the area could bring in colors to the space and you can see that clearly in the images below.

Location: Moscow

Designer: Geometrix Design

Style: Modern

Type of Space: Apartment

Unique feature: A beautiful monochromatic apartment with a little pop of color. But more colors were brought to the space through its amazing glam lighting.

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This is the apartment with a modern design but you can see that a subtle industrial feel is being brought inside is because of the ceiling design. You can also see here the sleek furniture and the lovely arrangement that gives the space a beautiful appeal.

Geometrix Design

There are many surprising elements in the house just like this mirror structure which hides a closet within it. Aside from that, it makes the room appear larger because of the use of mirrors around it. Seen here is a yellow deer head on the wall that brings some creative touch to the area.

Black and White Apartment

In this image, you can see that when the lights are off, the space is just simple with black and white colors in it. But when the lights are on, something magical happens! A floor of colors get into the apartment!

Black and White Apartment chair

To make the apartment appear larger there are mirrors in some places just like this wall where a seating area with yellow modern chairs are added.

Black and White Apartment interior

With one look, this may just be an ordinary wall decor but this geometric-shaped neon light symbolizes each member of the family and also brings light to the space when it is turned on.

Black and White Apartment furniture

Aside from the black and white interior and furniture, the apartment also has some items with colors which are given more emphasis when the lights are on. Notice that purple lighting on the ceiling, isn’t it lovely?

Black and White Apartment 3

The ceiling in the living area has been kept as raw concrete, adding an industrial touch.

Black and White Apartment white

An area in the living room has been dedicated to a home office, with a small geometric shelf mounted above the desk.

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Black and White Apartment purple

Through the door in the living area, is an ultra-modern kitchen in white colors for the island but black for the working area. It looks lovely with the contrast of black and white for the same space and it also has a flooding of natural light because of the floor-to-ceiling window.

Black and White Apartment light

The kitchen is looks really cool since it is distinctly separated into two zones by contrasting colors. Lighting is being brought to the area too. Notice that the space has purple lights on it under the chairs and on the ceiling.

Black and White Apartment black

The countertop space and wall-hanging cupboards are merged into the black zone, and the white zone is devoted to the kitchen island and wall of cabinets.

Black and White Apartment island

There are a variety of lighting types used in the kitchen, soft built-in ceiling lighting, RGB-lighting of the bar counter, lighting of the tabletop space, track spotlight system, and a soft lighting from wall-mounted lights.

Black and White Apartment kitchen

An exhaust fan positioned over the cook top in the island, is central to the kitchen.

Black and White Apartment bed

Through a hidden door in the black part of the kitchen, is the bedroom, a nursery and a bathroom..

Black and White Apartment bedroom

A tall upholstered headboard and soft lighting make the room comfortable, while the mirrored structure hides a closet.

Black and White Apartment bath

A mosaic tiled bathroom also shows its elegance and artistic design. The glassed frame in the shower area allows the client to see the other parts of the bathroom.

Black and White Apartment bathroom

Round and square shapes invades the interior of this bathroom. Wooden materials and mosaic tiles creates a different texture and charm in this space.

Isn’t this very unique? I know you like the look of this apartment same way as I like it. It is indeed rare to use black and white for a space and just let the lights play inside it. You have seen that through the gif photos above where you could observe the difference when the lights are on and when it is off. This apartment is designed by Geometrix Design who have done many amazing homes already. If you have followed posts here on Home Design Lover, you could see that there are many interiors that Geometrix Design have done and all of them are inclined to modern styling. And they all look very impressive too like the ones above. I also love the idea that the lightings here are placed in a creative manner. For sure, anyone who gets into the home will be very very impressed! How about you did you find this home interesting?