Victorian Terrace With Contemporary Addition in Melbourne

This home has a Victorian facade but has a contemporary extension. Bizarre!

I have seen many homes that combine different designs and architecture. While others think that it isn’t possible and that it will look weird, they are wrong because when done well, it can actually be successful. There are many ways to do it and many possible combinations like Asian-modern or vintage-eclectic and many others. Most of the time, design fusion like this are used for interiors but these can also be used for a home’s architecture, just like the house that we will feature today.

A heritage Victorian terrace undergo a renovation and extension where a contemporary house was added to it. The house is located in Melbourne, Australia and combined a Victorian terrace with a contemporary extension. With that, the front has a Victorian design while the rest of the house has a contemporary design. At the front, you will be welcomed with the white terrace and you will surely be amazed to see how it turned into a contemporary space as you advance in the house which we will see in the images below. This project is for a young family with 2 children who wished to stay in their current house. They want to have it renovated to suit their requirements and lifestyle. The two-story renovation and extension is comprised of four bedrooms, a study and two bathrooms on a very small site of 140m2. Amazing, right? All of it fit into the space and the design is really beautiful. Aside from that, the designers made sure that they will respect the amenities of neighboring buildings and they also put into consideration some historic concerns. Let us take a look at some images of the house below:

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Designer: Nic Owen Architects

Style: Contemporary

Number of Levels: Two-storey

Unique feature: The house has a Victorian terrace where a contemporary extension is being added.

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Australia home design This is the front of the house. It looks classic indeed with all the Victorian accents and designs. For sure you won’t expect that once you get inside the house, you will be able to see a contemporary space. Notice that the homes beside it also have a Victorian style as well. Even the fence looked classic. Very interesting indeed!

Nic Owen Architects When you enter the house from the terrace, this is what you will see. Wooden flooring connects from the terrace to the extension and is being separated with sliding glass door. For the interior, laminated wood is used for the flooring.

Victorian terrace The area you can see outside the living room is the one that connects the Victorian terrace and the extension. The triangular glass window above the sliding door is an interesting feature of this house. You can see here that the living room has purple sofa and another chair has geometric prints on it.

Victorian living room Around the living room, you can see a built-in cabinet system made from wood. The other one bears the modern fireplace and television with some storage spaces. There is another cabinet that sits in front of the kitchen. The white kitchen is connected to the living area.

interior The kitchen has white island and cabinet system. You can see that the area isn’t that spacious but it was able to add all important functions into the home. Talk about good planning indeed! Because of the glass window and sliding door, light gets into the house and illuminates it and provide warmth on it.

Victorian terrace The kitchen is connected to the living area’s cabinet system. You can see here that the two different areas are being separated and defined with these cabinets. You can easily tell which one contains kitchen items and which one doesn’t.

kitchen Because of its white look and the sleek appearance of this kitchen, it looks very neat and attractive. If you’re invited to cook in a kitchen as neat as this, you will surely be hesitant to make a mess because of how clean it is!

dining area With all the whites that we can see, a chair with flowers would be a good way to break the monotony of the color. The wall art brings some childish and artistic feel to the entire room.

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cabinet The wooden cabinet used in the living room has this space for storage which also doubles as a display area. A framed photo is perched on the cabinet as well as a plant on a vase. Plants are seen all over the house.

staircase Under the staircase is a storage space too which is a good way to utilize the small space of the house. The design of the stairs is beautiful and is really something that would fit a contemporary home.

bedroom work area This one is a study and work area with hanging cabinets above the floating desk. This space is small but obviously, it served its purpose.

bathroom The bedroom is also small with white and neutral colors. The flooring of the bed is elevated to add some drawers on it for storage. Storage spaces are everywhere in this wooden bedroom with white paint. The dark blue carpet in this bedroom bring some color to the space.

gray bathroom This is the white and gray bathroom with glass enclosure for the shower area and stainless towel rack. There is also a plant added to this bathroom just like what they did to the other areas of the house.

Victorian terrace Seen here is the existing floor plan of the house before the extension was added. Look closely at the legend so you will see which walls were demolished for the renovation.

floor plan This one is the floor plan of the renovation. In the legend, you will see which walls were new and which ones are existing. The layout indeed looked a lot better.

Interesting, right? Well, the Victorian terrace would intrigue you and you would not expect to see a totally different space inside it. The house is like a surprise indeed which is very functional and beautiful. Imagine walking into a Victorian entrance and then without knowing it, what appears before you is already a totally different space. It is like you came from a time machine! Lol! From the past- a classic home and then to the present- a contemporary interior. Very intriguing indeed! The design also fitted well into the needs and lifestyle of the owners. This home is designed by Nic Owen Architects who made sure that everything will be based on the needs of the owners, which is of course appropriate for any home design or even for a renovation. If you think of it, the extension is actually more spacious than the existing part which is a mere terrace. That is the interesting thing about this house.