Modest Contemporary Living of a Private Residence in Elwood

There are times that contemporary and modern design is defined similarly, but the truth is there is a difference between the two words. Modern design of architecture refers to modernist- a movement that takes place in the early 20th century. While on the other hand, contemporary is the definition of the architecture happening at this very moment. Contemporary approach is defined by strong lines, smooth forms and minimal accessories. The designs usually provide an abundant open space and natural light and colors. To understand more about contemporary design, take a look unto this featured house for today.

This private residence is located in Elwood – a suburb of Melbourne, Australia. While looking at its exterior you wouldn’t say that this house outlines a fresh sense. Behind those rustic brick walls lies a very humble home that flaunts out a contemporary feel delineated with clean straight lines and fresh materials. It is then improved by the brilliant preference of colors, furnishings and with right choices of furniture, constructing a home which was perfectly designed as a family sanctuary.

front view Looking unto this facade makes you wonder if this house really gets a good design.

elwood Robson Rak This is the entry hallway. The painting by the wall makes it stylish.

spacious The living room displays a warm atmosphere with the combination of white shade and the oak flooring.

fireplace The living room can’t be complete without a fireplace being installed, it brings warmth to the area.

reading area Always provide space for your collection just like your books.

kitchen The kitchen is very minimalistic while the walls are made as storage cabinets to provide a spacious area.

elwood Robson Rak A white paint really displays a clean feature.

dining table The dining area is very simple with the white wooden table that is surrounded with wooden chairs.

bedroom It’s a very simple bedroom which makes the whole area clean and fresh.

built-in bench It’s really nice to have something like this on a bedroom where you can have a morning glance of the sun.

walk-in closet Your rooms would be very organized if you have built-in closet.

bathroom The bathroom also looks simple yet modern in style with the use of white tiles.

laundry The laundry room is equipped with a washer and dryer. To keep the area clean storage cabinet is added.

attic Make use of your attic by turning it children’s playroom.

study table You can also have a study table at the corner for children’s benefit.

courtyard The backyard looks very clean with the Bermuda grasses.

So there, would you prefer now a contemporary style or would still stick on a modern sense? And can you just imagine how refreshing the looks are in this haven? It gives a sense of fresh start that you will get to experience every waking day of your life. This perfect construction was made with the cooperation of the talented group of Robson Rak Architects and Made by Cohen.