Canada’s Coach House Interior Bursts with Energy and Style

There are homes who have interiors that are overflowing with appeal but their exteriors look totally different. Once you look at the exteriors, you will not expect that the interior is actually as stunning as it is. This is what you will see in the Coach House. Its exterior is a classic home but inside it is a contemporary eclectic interior that will impress anyone who sets foot in it.

The Coach House by French interior designer Stephane Chamard has a vivid design scheme with lots of lovely details. It has tall ceilings, generously-sized areas, an old fireplace with well-kept detailing, modern seating and other elements that give the interior a seductive feel. But what we love most is its red office zone that is filled with art and energy. Overall, the interior bursts with personality and a happy vibe. Sure, the Coach House is one gorgeous home in Canada.

Stephane Chamardt

The living room has gray colors of various shades in it. It even have contrasting textures too.

Coach House

Take note of the decors you see here from the floor lamp to the masks on the table.


But despite being eclectic, the house still retained its contemporary appeal through its choice of colors.

special area

This is the special area in the house showing a pretty combination of red, white and blue.

orange table

The orange table has wheels and serves as a mini-bar.

wall decors

Look at the varying decors in the house. Aside from the frames, there are other wall decors too like the star on the wall. And they all look good against the white paint.

interior design

A closer look at the area seen above so we can appreciate the beauty of the decors even more.

black furniture

It is amazing how black furniture of different designs looked well in the dining area.

Coach House

Adding containers in black and white filled with flowers can be a good centerpiece.


Because of the print of the blanket, the bedroom is given a subtle Bohemian appeal.

red bedroom design

Red is indeed strong and it looked really nice in this bedroom.

artistic elements

The interior is filled with so many artistic elements just like this area. We can see that not just in the painting but in other decors too.

Coach House

From outside, this is what you will see, a traditional home covered in bricks. The vines that crawl on it add more drama to the look of the exterior.

What a beautiful interior! Stephane Chamard deserve an applause for what she did in this house. We especially love the look of the office. Who would think that red, black and white could look that gorgeous for a home office? We love every single detail in it! Even the bedroom was very much attractive! How about you, can you tell us your favorite feature of the Coach House?