Remarkable Trends in Remodeled House Mazères in Southwestern France

Will you believe that an old farmhouse can be converted into a more functional and modern house? Well it is possible because today we will witness how the designer successfully remodeled an old farmhouse into a contemporary and classy house. This house is named as the House Mazères which is specifically located in Southwestern France. This has a 3,770 square feet area and with a three-storey building.

This old and attractive farmhouse is actually spotted in the French village of Mazeres which was redesigned in the year 2012. As we can see here its land is much wooded and the home is built by its massiveness. In fact, according to the architects the housing rehabilitation has helped a large family in emptying the house and make it a new one. This house become more contemporary and well organized as it has created a variety of spaces and routes. Let us scroll down the page and be amazed of the remarkable remodeling touches done in this house through the images below.

France homes Take a look at the texture and design of the house that remarkably underline its new features.

House Mazeres Rough textures of the wall in the exterior as well as the rocks in the ground harmonize with each other.

Remodeled houses Modern and fashionable designed furniture complements with the color and style of this interior.

Remarkable Trends Smooth texture of this classy furniture match with the rough texture of the walls here.

living space Spacious area for living space is enough for the client to feel comfortable.

rough brick walls See how this rough texture of the carpet that perfectly jives with the rough brick walls here.

living room design Black and white combination of palette in the living space is very effective in making it simple yet classy.

dining set Brown and white dining set enhances the look of the dining area here.

staircase Lines and forms are carefully observed from the dining, living and staircase area of the house.

furniture designs We can see how the designer perfectly arranged and designated each furniture and accessories in the interior.

red carpet Here’s the red carpet placed in the staircase area that made this attractive, too.

second level At the second level of the house, we can see how the designer maximizes the lobby to serve as the study area for the client.

glassed floor Take a look at the glassed floor in the second level of the house which allows the client to take advantage of the living spaces.

unique chimney See this unique chimney in the interior that also display its extraordinary and modern design.

House Mazeres The two levels of the house is viewed from the first floor which also shows its dimension.

As we have witnessed the different remodeled ideas of this house, we may certainly be inspired of how the House Mazeres marked the significant difference in every part of it. I was very fascinated with the set of double and triple height volumes in the entire house. Then we can say that the development adapted by the designer provides a new lifestyle for the client. The simple and minimalist ideas are well-set and organized here. We hope that you also find these remodeled features valuable in your old house.