Bulgaria Apartment Features Sunny Pops of Yellow

The interior of the apartment has pops of yellow with its black and white colors.

Many people who own an apartment get experimental with its design like the colors, decors and even its choice of furniture. That is why, there are many apartments that have lovely decors and are very appealing. One secret is to design a space based on your likes and interests. Decide on your favorite colors and don’t worry about them clashing yet. Just choose your colors and then try to put them together so you can check if they work well for your home. And also, look for decors and accessories that you can add to your space. Actually, merely looking at apartment and home interiors will already give us ideas on what to do with our own spaces, just like what we will feature today.

An apartment in Lozenets, a seaside village in Bulgaria has a beautiful modern interior with sunny pops of yellow found throughout the interior. Fimera Design Studio worked on the apartment giving it a stunning modern appeal. But what I like most here is the wooden elements in the interior and its color combinations which are unexpected for an interior. It also has a nice open layout with everything one needs in order to live. Let us take a look at the apartment below.

Location: Bulgaria

Designer: Fimera Design Studio

Style: Modern

Type of Space: Apartment

Unique feature: A modern apartment has a beautiful modern interior with exciting pops of yellow in its black accents. It also features geometric decors in it for the walls of the bedroom and the bathroom.

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This is the interior of the apartment which has a contemporary design using many wooden elements in it. You can also see that it has white ceiling and walls which makes the area appear spacious and bright even with the black colors in it.

Fimera Design Studio

The overall look of the apartment is neat and stunning with natural touches. Notice the pattern on the wall just under the wall mounted television and open shelves. Another thing that I noticed here is the industrial lighting used in this modern contemporary space.

modern apartment

To add more creative touches to the apartment, there are many interesting decors on the shelves and the center table. There are also colorful throw pillows and a patterned one that brings some attractive appeal to the area.

Yellow apartment

There is an eclectic mix of furniture in the area from the sofa to the triangular shaped table in the center. The comfortable sofa in the living area has some pops of yellow in it. Even the low cabinet has a lined yellow color as well.

Yellow Apartment kitchen colors

In the kitchen, you can see a mix of black, yellow, white and blue. There is also a patterned wooden wall area that adds a creative flare to the apartment interior.

Yellow Apartment stool

I like the yellow stools used for the island. It has open shelving on one side with a black color as well as a yellow line on the white facade. This makes the island a storage and a working area in one. Above it are black pendant lights that illuminate the space.

Yellow Apartment kitchen island

The color and design of the cooking area in the kitchen is similar to that of the island. It also uses the same colors as well. It makes use of modern appliances and fixtures that best fits the homeowner’s modern way of living.

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Yellow Apartment kitchen

In the kitchen, it has a floor to ceiling drapes which controls the amount of light that goes to the area. When the owner wants to bring more light into it, he can always draw the curtains open. I also like the wooden flooring used in the interior also.

Yellow Apartment cooking

In every detail of the house, there would be yellow accents in it from the living room to the kitchen. This way, the space has a coherent look because the colors as well as the materials used throughout the apartment are the same.

Yellow Apartment bed

In the bedroom, one will surely notice the wallpaper on the wall with a bold print. It used geometric shapes and modern colors in it. The throw pillows also used modern colors as well which are lovely accents to the white bed cover and gray headboard. On the wall, there are wall lights that can also be used as reading lights while on the bed.

Yellow Apartment bedroom

A close-up look at the wallpaper design in the bedroom. It sure is a nice combination of lines, circles and triangles. I also like the colors used in it that enhances the appeal of the bedroom. You can also see that there are different textures that you are reflected from the throw pillow. On the side is a wooden side table where the owner can place a book, a lamp and other things.

Yellow Apartment bathroom

In the bathroom, there are graphic tiles in white, gray and blue, creating a feature wall. Isn’t it very beautiful for a bathroom? It also used modern fixtures from the floating white toilet and the curvy ceramic sink.

Isn’t this a nice apartment? It sure is! I like its modern look and its choice of colors. Who would expect that yellow and black will look stunning together? Apart from the colors, I also like the modern geometric patterns being used in the bedroom wallpaper and in the bathroom as well. I always want to have this kind of appeal in my own home. This apartment is designed by Fimera Design Studio and is a total stunner! The gorgeous interior of the home makes me wonder how it looks like in the exterior! What can you say about this apartment? What ideas were you able to get from its design?