The Jewel of 40 Mercer: Magnificent Dramatic Penthouse in New York, USA

It is very common to live in the city especially when the owners are working in the city or are studying near the area. There are perks in living within the city like easy access to malls, stores, and others. You can also get a stunning view of the cityscape especially during the night. Apartments and condominiums are usually tall or high rise and could offer you such view. But if you really want a fine view of your surroundings, get a penthouse. A penthouse is an apartment on the top floor where one can get stunning views. It would be nice to wake up and sleep with those relaxing views. Today, we are going to feature a penthouse. It is called The Jewel of 40 Mercer.

This penthouse is labeled as the crown jewel of starchitect Jean Nouvel’s SoHo masterpiece at 40 Mercer. It has over 4500 square feet of grand living space, 1500 is allocated for the well-crafted wrap-around terrace while the 3000 of which is for the generous interior. If you wonder what 40 Mercer is, it is a 15 story, 41 unit full service condominium built in 2006. It is a place that could be the dream dwelling of many especially that it offers luxurious amenities including an underground parking, pool, sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi, gymnasium, and others. But what we are going to show you today is the space on the top of the building. You’d surely fall in love with this penthouse because I already did!

This is the 40 Mercer. Isn’t it beautiful? Just imagine living in a place like this!

New York, USA The interior of the penthouse made use of colors that are both relaxing and calming.

Jewel of 40 Mercer What adds to the serene aura is the openness of the space where you can get a glimpse of the well-landscaped area.

dining area The dining area has a subtle touch of luxury and looks beautiful with the blue glass above the sliding doors.

kitchen This is the kitchen space of the house with all the modern equipments needed for food preparation.

bedroom A simple bedroom with a geometric wall art decor above the headboard.

working space Another bedroom with two beds and a working space. Love the contrast of colors here!

contemporary bedroom A contemporary bedroom design that is very comfortable and relaxing with all the wooden elements present in the space.

Jewel of 40 Mercer This is the bathroom in white. It looks really neat, isn’t it? Natural light floods in through the clerestory window.

bench design Colors black and white as well as wood is used for this working space. Who wouldn’t love sitting on that bench while reading a book?

pool area The pool area of the 40 Mercer will make you say “wow”. It really is a luxurious place to spend time in. Spell R-E-L-A-X.

gym While the pool area makes you feel relaxed, this gym will help you stretch out those muscles and exercise.

spacious terrace The place has a spacious terrace with a beautiful landscaping. It surely is worth it to stay in this area especially in warm sunny days!

Jewel of 40 Mercer Wooden deck for the terrace will make you feel even cozier while in here. And take a look at the stunning interior. It sure is a beauty!

Beautiful, isn’t it? I’m sure you will agree with us that it is indeed a stunning and cozy place to live in. The penthouse has 4 bedrooms and 3 and a half bathrooms. Angelo Luigi Tartaglia designed the place as a home of all things modern and majestic. I know you won’t doubt that for sure because we have seen how the interior was executed. It sure is dreamy and it is something we all wished to own as a home. Is this the kind of home you want too?