A Beautiful Rustic Chic Cottage de Brebeuf in Canada

Well, not all of us are into rustic because some people actually think that when it is rustic, it looks less beautiful and elegant because of the grudge style in it. But that wouldn’t be the case. Rustic is actually beautiful. If you haven’t seen rustic spaces, there are some interiors featured in Home Design Lover with that style. For sure, after seeing them, you will have a different perspective about rustic design.

What we will show you today is the Cottage de Brebeuf which is actually a conversion of a duplex cottage into a rustic chic home comprised of steel, wood and concrete. The original structural axes of this house in Brebeuf, Quebec, Canada were replaced. On the ground floor of the house, the bearing walls bordering the existing central circulation were replaced by a structure of beams and raw steel columns that created an open area for the living areas that included the kitchen, living and dining room. Let us take a look at the spaces of the rustic chic cottage below.

The interior of the house has rustic and modern features that look amazing together.

Canada cottage designs What you can see here is a closer look at the rustic counter height stools of the kitchen island that sits on top of decorative floor tiles.

Cottage de Brebeuf The kitchen is white in color with wooden features from the ceiling to the island.

Rustic Chic Cottage The kitchen area is tiled while the living areas has wooden flooring.

dining area Like the combination of colors in the dining area. It was a nice idea to add cowhide to this space.

staircase The staircase looks simple but beautiful because of the use of wood and steel.

bathroom The bathroom is small but functional that can be accessed through a sliding barn door.

visual space The design of the stairs made it look more airy provided more visual space.

Cottage de Brebeuf From the kitchen, it can directly access the outdoor space through a sliding glass door.

modern fireplace Seen here is a modern fireplace in the house.

graffiti inspired doodle When you go up the stairs, you will be greeted with this graffiti inspired doodle.

spacious bathroom This one is a spacious bathroom with a sleek oval bath tub.

wooden vanity bathroom A wooden vanity holds the rectangular sink in this contemporary and rustic bathroom.

gorgeous chair What a gorgeous chair! I love its colors as well as its use of that furry fabric.

interior design I can tell that this is an interior rendering of the house which was made to give the owners an idea of how their home will look like.

dining set In the design, it already has this stairs while the dining set was set. I liked the dining set better in the actual interior.

kitchen You can see that it used different flooring for the kitchen and living areas which was used for the actual design.

Cottage de Brebeuf In the outdoor area of the house is this wicker furniture that sits with the backdrop of the brick walls and vines on the other.

Well, rustic indeed looks fantastic! This home has an amazing interior that anyone- even those who doesn’t like rustic- would love to live in! This lovely dwelling is designed by Atelier BOOM TOWN who did a great job in the design of the house, even for the choice of furniture and decors. So, what do you think about rustic design now?