15 Design Ideas for Home Music Rooms and Studios

If you love to play music instruments as a hobby or your career is in line with music, then you’d certainly want to have your own music room or a music studio. You can always convert a space into one if you want to. Just bring in that musical stuff you need and your good to go but in truth, it isn’t merely about putting stuffs together. You also have to think of aesthetics.

As always, it is better to have a well-designed environment than merely a plain or dull one. That is why, we have collated some interiors of music rooms and music studios to give you ideas on how you can design yours. The spaces vary in style. There are traditional ones, eclectic, contemporary and modern. But one thing is common in these spaces, it reflects fun, talent and even professionalism! Now, take a look at what we have for you.

Studio – La Canada

gray music studio

Future Home Builders, Inc.

We are not sure how the walls were done but it looks lovely in this gray music studio. You’d never expect that a house can have a studio as cool as this!

The Thorns

gray wall

Lucy Call

To balance the use of yellow for the ceiling of this basement, gray wall was used instead of it. This subdued the space. And yes, it added more life to the music room especially that the rugs are of different colors too.

Cottage Refurb

Home Music Rooms

Joe Fallon Design

If the previous space was a basement, this one is an attic. You can see the combination of textures in the space.

Robertson Close

music lounge


This music lounge is a great space for gathering and jamming. Custom partition divides the room while providing a sound barrier in this multi-purpose basement.

The Vail


Oakwood Homes

This city-themed space painted with wall skyscraper adds a unique dimension to the room making you feel like rockin’ all night!

When the Musics Over

high cathedral ceiling

Tuthill Architecture

A high cathedral ceiling with wooden panels adorned with a lovely chandelier fits the space especially that it has a small stage to practice and perform.

Multi Media Office

small space

Aaron Gordon Construction, Inc.

This space may be small but you can see that everything was fitted inside. Using white and gray on the walls is a good thing paired with the wooden flooring.

Home Music Studio


John Kraemer and Sons Inc.

We’d guess this one is in the attic because of the vaulted ceiling/ We like the sheen of the ceiling as well as the wooden decorative wall. If you’ll take a closer look into it, you’ll be blown away!

Music Studio

plain ceiling

Locati Architects

Instead of a plain ceiling, different levels were added to it with dramatic lighting. Lovely paintings surround the wall for more artistic feel.

El Cerrito Private Residence

Home Music Rooms

Jace Architecture

You could breathe fresh air while playing music in this modern space. It sure looks simple but the views you can get from the folding doors will mesmerize you!

Comfortable Cottage Style

cow hide area rug

Kyle Hunt & Partners, Incorporated

The cow hide area rug adds a twist in style for this music room. Now that is a lot of stringed instruments you can choose from!

Country Estate II

upholstered vinyl fabric

Bruce Palmer Interior Design

The wall is upholstered vinyl fabric that looks like crocodile while the flooring is carpeted. Doing this will make the air sound proof.

Eclectic Studio / Retreat

eclectic music room

Grace Home Furnishings

An interesting eclectic music room with rugs that are fine knotted Persian patchwork in high quality.

Music Studio

walls design

Stick Studio

If you want to add more life to a small music room, bring in the colors for the walls just like what they did to this one!


Home Music Rooms

California Closets

You have seen a basement and an attic turned into music rooms. But what about a garage? It works well too!

For sure, music lovers out there were happy to see this post because you were given ideas on what you can do with your own music room or music studio. Actually, even a simple space can be transformed into a world of music of fun but of course, let us not forget to add some decorations in it and to bring in more style into it. Making music in a beautiful room could affect the kind of music you will be able to create. You can also express the music lover in you by having a music themed bedroom. Rock and roll with style!