A Contemporary Apartment in Ukraine Features a Slide in the Interior

Why not add a slide in your home for a fun element like this apartment.

No matter how modern a space is, there would be some fun elements that are added to it too. I know you are thinking of the bedroom wherein you can do anything to make it look beautiful. But you can actually add a fun element to any part of your home too. Some would add a fun looking chair like a dice ottoman chair, a beautiful colorful painting, a swing chair and others. Many homeowners have done this and have actually succeeded to add a lovely charm into their home.

An apartment in Kharkiv, Ukraine has a beautiful interior with a mix of wood and other materials but what made it really unique is the slide from the second floor to the living room. Originally, the apartment has two floors, but the one on the second floor has no specific function, and was merely left as an empty space. With that, Ki Design Studio looked for a way to bring an interesting feature inside the house. Apart from the stairs, they installed a slide to connect the two floors which drops them off in the living room. So, if you want to experience some fun while going down, then use the slide. I am not sure if this is what you want for your home but just in case, let us take a look at the images of the apartment below.

Location: Kharkiv, Ukraine

Designer: Ki Design Studio

Style: Contemporary

Number of Levels: Two-storey

Unique feature: An apartment has a beautiful contemporary interior design but it also has a unique element which is a slide apart from its stairs.

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The interior of the apartment has an open layout with brick walls on one side and wooden walls on the other. There are also patterned throw pillows which can be seen on the comfy sofa and benches near the window.

Ki Design Studio

Apart from the comfy sofa, the living area also features a hammock or a swing chair that is extended from the ceiling just beside the aqua green lounge chair and ottoman. Notice the lighting used inside the home which includes track lights and some floor lamps too.

contemporary home

Instead of merely adding a simple wooden wall, the designers used wood in a creative manner with wood of various sizes arranged in different styles. Looking lovely, right?

Apartment Slide

And this is the slide that we were talking about. From the upper level, one will be dropped down on this part of the living area. It is indeed a unique feature in the house!

Apartment Slide living green wall

Aside from the slide, it also has a living green wall with yellow flowers on it. This doesn’t just add an appealing decor to the home but it also brings nature inside it giving it a natural aura.

Apartment Slide kitchen

This is the kitchen that combines wood, black steel and white ceramic tiles for the backsplash. It also has modern equipment and appliances in it like the oven, the sleek looking range hood and others. I also like the decors in the island.

Apartment Slide interior

Just near the kitchen is the dining area that is surrounded by glass walls and skylights. It is actually a sunroom which allows natural light into the house. The color of the dining chairs is the same with the lounge chairs in the living area.

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Apartment Slide view

This is the kitchen viewed from the upstairs. You can even see here the slide, the green wall and the dining area. Notice that there are orb lights in the kitchen area.

Apartment Slide fireplace

This is the fireplace seen in the living room. The painted brick surround also features a built-in wood storage and a bookshelf. It sure brings a classic or industrial touch into the home which matches well with the wooden flooring.

Apartment Slide stairs

Between the front door, kitchen and living area, one will see a stairs that lead up to the second floor. It has wooden treads and railings which is supported by iron.

Apartment Slide staircase

As one goes up the contemporary staircase, he will be given a glimpse of the kitchen, the green wall and the dining area. You can see that there is also a skylight near the staircase.

Apartment Slide window

There is a window at the top of the stairs which allows the homeowners look into the home office.

Apartment Slide layout

Near the window that we have seen in the previous image is a wooden bench which has comfy throw pillows on it with various patterns. It has a black frame around a glass. home office” width=”800″ height=”534″/>

This is the home office which has a custom built-in desk, designed to fit the space perfectly. This chair is similar to that in the dining area. I like the futuristic look of this desk with drawers. Very unique indeed! And this space has a skylight too.

Apartment Slide bedroom

In this bedroom, a simple palette of wood, white and blue is used. It looks nice against the white brick wall and the wooden flooring. I also like the color it used here as it adds a subtle feminine appeal to the area. Of course, that mirrored wardrobe looks fantastic too.

Apartment Slide bathroom

One of the bathrooms in the house has a wall of black hexagonal tiles which is similar to the backsplash of the kitchen. It has a gray door and door jamb too which is a nice contrast to the wooden walls.

Apartment Slide layout

This is the vanity of the bathroom which also has a large backlit mirror and a live-edge wood counter.

Apartment Slide second bedroom

The second bedroom of the apartment has a palette which is the same as the first bedroom. It also has a built-in wooden storage cabinets but it doesn’t have mirrored doors. It also has wooden flooring, skylights and similar fish-inspired decor.

Apartment Slide bath

In the previous bathroom, it has hexagonal wall tiles but for this one, it has hexagonal mirrors. Lovely! I also like the plants on the wall which seems to extend the living wall in the kitchen. Nice way to thread the areas together! The mirrors in this other bathroom continue the hexagonal theme found in the previous bathroom.

Isn’t this fun? It sure is! It would be amazing to be able to slide down to get to the living area. For sure, kids will keep on going back up the stairs and slide back down. But aside from that fun feature which sets the apartment apart from other spaces, the interior itself is well-designed. As usual, I love the wooden features in it but if you closely, what really made the home stunning are the subtle use of colors and patterns in it. I also like the industrial touches in the area like the brick walls and also that green living wall in the kitchen which I always wanted to have! This gorgeous apartment is designed by Ki Design Studio who made sure that the space will not just bring a fun element in it but will also look really appealing with a mix of materials and other elements of style. So, would you consider adding a slide in your home?