15 Concrete Interior Staircase Designs

Concrete is widely used in buildings, homes and architecture, as well as staircases because of its durability and affordability. Most people prefer to use concrete because it lasts longer than any other materials used in construction. In staircases, concrete are one of those materials that can be patterned into any shape or design that the owner desires to compliment the whole look of their homes. Designers and home owners prefer concrete for staircases or walkways because it can be created into anything, from simple straight ones, to helicoidal spiral staircases.

Generally, the different types of concrete staircases are precast staircase, poured concrete, earth-supported stairs and suspended stairs. Whatever type of concrete stair construction utilized, the shape and style of the stairs always adds elegance and sophistication to the home.

In this article, we are featuring various types, style and designs of 15 Beautiful Concrete Staircases that add sophistication and elegance to your home. Some are made of stone marble, and others are purely concrete. Just take a look and be inspired to these designs so that you could take your pick for your next project.

House H

concrete staircase designs

Amitzi Architects

The floating concrete stairs with metal railings not only give a modern look to the design, it is also simple and compliments the design of the house.

Fancy Living Area Design Ideas with Fascinating Ceiling and Concrete Staircase

elegant marble

Snuut Architecture

This short yet elegant marble staircase is designed by Snuut Architecture. It is charming and simple but still manages to look beautiful.

Graham Residence

color combination

E. Cobb Architects

The simple yet beautiful colour combination of this staircase provides an attractive contrast to the design. It is custom made with ground terrazzo open treads, glass railings and the wall beside the staircase provides support.

Ref: 2169-B


Bisca Timeless Design

A beautiful white marble semi-circle staircase with glass balustrades and timber handrails that is just simply stunning.

Brentwood Residence

modern minimalist

William Hefner Architecture Interiors & Landscape

A modern minimalist concrete floating staircase combined with glass railings and wood banisters. The neutral colours give it a simple yet appealing quality to the design.

Russel Close

stone stairs

Elite Metalcraft Co. Ltd

The whole design and look of the stone stairs gives the whole room an elegant look. The marble floors and concrete stairway combined is simply beautiful.

Northwood Project – Marble Staircase, Glass and Stainless Steel

semi-curved helical staircase

Elite Metalcraft

This elegant semi-curved helical staircase is just beautiful. It has polished curved marble treads, toughened glass balustrade topped with stainless steel handrail. The whole combination of the design gives a pleasant glow to the room.

Ref: Staircase 3147 C

concrete staircase designs

Bisca Timeless Design

A chic concrete staircase that has open treads supported on a central spine with stainless steel balustrades in a home in New York. It is simply amazing.

Eli Ca 02

yellow colored helicoidal

Andrew Vassallo General Trading Limited

This yellow coloured helicoidal concrete spiral staircase with metal railings is not just beautiful but saves space as well. It is unique as well as elegant because of its shape.

Rustic Meets Industrial

rustic design

Slee and Co Architects

This beautiful staircase was dyed to look a bit rustic for an exquisite look. The metal railings completes it as it blends to the color and design of the wall where it is attached.

750 South Ocean Blvd

carpeted marble stone

Claremont Companies

The carpeted marble stone and dark metal railings with intricate design make this grand staircase eye-catching. The warm color of the staircase also adds elegance and beauty in its own way.

Private Residence by John Cannon Homes

double staircases

John Cannon Homes

For large grand houses, double staircases are an excellent choice because it is exquisite and never goes out of style. The wrought iron railings and stone combination is simply beautiful.

Sater Group’s “Villoresi” Custom Home Design

circular winding stone

Sater Design Collection, Inc.

This circular winding stone marble staircase with white banisters and black railings is elegant as well as a “space-saver”. Most winding staircases are used to save up space, most likely for a bigger living room. For those who doesn’t have much space and prefers elegance, this stairs is perfect for your home.

Eli Ca 07

intricate helicoidal

Andrew Vassallo General Traiding

Another intricate helicoidal concrete spiral staircase with metallic glow on the exterior portion that accents the design. It is elegant, as well as unique, perfect for a home when the owner prefers a twist to the look of the place.

Exposed Concrete Interior Design in Sao Paulo

concrete staircase designs

The Estudio Guto Requena

This exposed concrete spiral staircase is unique in its own way. It has a vintage look that combines simplicity and urban style that completes the whole look of the room.

As featured above, those staircases are really a beauty to behold. Whether you prefer the simple, sophisticated or elegant ones, we hope you get inspiration out of this article. Feel free to give your comments and suggestions for this article. But you might also like to check on more residential staircase design ideas.