A Contemporary Toronto House for a Young Couple

A lovely home in Toronto as a result of a home renovation.

We have seen many home renovations and we always end up impressed especially after seeing that the home looks like made from a new building and not just a renovation. Many designers are good in transforming homes into lovelier residences. This way, they are able to provide a better home for the owners and they could also give them the comfort that they need for a better living. Today, we will feature a house which is actually a renovation but the way it looks, it doesn’t appear like just a renovation! For sure, you will be impressed too once you see the home.

A young couple needed a transformation for their home located in Toronto, Canada. Dubbeldam Architecture did the design of their house with wooden sidings for the exterior and large glass windows. The house has a multi-level wood deck in its backyard which is a nice place to spend time with the family and could also be a good spot to entertain guests. There is a whitened oak wood screen with clear and translucent panes within the home. It also defines the vestibule or small foyer which is another lovely feature of the home. The interior looks relaxing and appealing at the same time. It has different functions in the spaces of the interior too. The focal point of the living room is the horizontal fireplace and a custom mantel above it. Meanwhile, it has a beautiful staircase that connects the different levels of the house. Let us take a look at the home below.

Location: Toronto, Canada

Designer: Dubbeldam Architecture

Style: Contemporary

Number of Levels: Three-storey

Unique feature: A beautiful contemporary house which is a result of an amazing renovation.

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Seen here is the rear part of the house wherein the wooden deck is seen. You can see that the house has glass windows that allow others to take a peep into what is inside the home. You can also see that in the deck there is an outdoor grill and kitchen area so that they can enjoy outdoor parties with barbecues and other yummy food.

Dubbeldam Architecture

Aside from the wooden deck, there is also a small patio which is also covered in wood that is seamlessly connected to the deck. It has comfy gray outdoor furniture in it for seating and relaxation. As for the house, it has a beautiful design with the mix of materials in it.

contemporary home

The dining room and kitchen is divided by a wooden floor to ceiling sculptural wall system which also doubles as a storage space. In the dining room, there are black comfy seats with black pendant lights above it.

Toronto House

The living room has a fireplace with a mantel that has wooden elements in it. The owners can display various items like treasured photos and artifacts on top of said mantel.

living room

In the living room, there is a small alcove with three windows that allow plenty of light into the living room. You can also see here that there is gray furniture inside it with different designs. Notice also that there are tall floor lamps on the floor in two varying heights.

dining area

Just near the dining area, there is a built-in seating which is useful when there are large groups are visiting. It looks really nice as well with the wood extending to the wall.

central divider

A closer look at the central walnut-clad half-wall that both separates and connects the cooking and eating spaces. The opening in it is used for display and a bar counter as well.

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kitchen island

Now this is the kitchen that we have taken a glimpse from the other images above. It has a statuary marble island and backsplash which provide richness to the sleek aluminum cabinets.

door design

The house has large doors and windows which enable a natural flow of movement and line of sight from inside to outside. With this, they can monitor the children who are playing outside even when the parents are inside the house. The outdoor space is also great for backyard entertaining.


The centerpiece of the kitchen is a monumental 13 foot long island made from marble. It is the same design as the backsplash of the kitchen. I can tell that this is a spacious home because it even when the area is divided, the kitchen is still given ample space.


This is the landing of the upper level of the house with wooden flooring. It features a staircase with glass and wood railings that leads to the various floors of the home.


The master bedroom features a sunlit seating area that is built into the house’s existing turret with windows on all sides. Aside from allowing natural light to enter the home, it also provides views of the surrounding neighborhood from the third floor. The bedroom has low floating cabinets for storage and display.

suite bathroom

This is an ensuite bathroom found on the third floor. It has a freestanding oval-shaped bathtub that provides a strong focal point in the room. Remember the marble in the kitchen? You can also see that here as well.

bath tub

Notice the wooden texture of the tiles used for the walls. Aside from the bath tub, it also has a spacious shower area as well that is enclosed in glass.


This bathroom in the house that features full height doors opening to a sun deck floating in the tree tops. It would be nice to dip in the bath tub while looking at the trees outside.

Who would think that this is just a renovation of a home? It looks really nice from the exterior and the interior especially with the falling leaves. Yes, nature adds beauty to a home too like what we can see in this house. In the interior, it is so relaxing and very cozy. I especially like the wooden elements used inside the house like in the kitchen and dining area. This home is designed by Dubbeldam Architecture who obviously did a great job, right? So, what can you say about this house? Which part of the house is your most favorite?