M09 Residence in Poland Combines Various Forms of Art

Every interior has a different theme and style. I have seen so many homes that have exciting, interesting and creative interiors. It is both fun and inspiring to look at these spaces with the variation of colors and layout. The overall look of an interior differs because of the personality of the owners as well how the architects and interior designers interpret the needs and wants of the owners. And so a unique interior is born. You will see that in the interior of an apartment that we will show you today.

A house located in Sosnowiec, Poland called the M09 Residence has a very interesting interior. The apartment combines different forms of art for its interior that includes painting, poetry and music. It has a monochromatic color scheme but is broken with the addition of red and wood. You can see an artistic touch all throughout the space. I invite you to take a look at the home below.

Forms The living room is full of artistic elements. The main wall is covered by black, graphics wallpaper with pearl white letters.

Poland homes On the other side of the wall is in contrast combination of colors which is white with black letters continuing in the hall.

M09 Residence The living area’s dominant feature is a large, white sofa and a hanging lamp, which is a kind of spatial sculpture.

kitchen A painting of an ancient man’s character is seen on the main wall of the kitchen.

wall art The wall art gives an antique character to the kitchen and also connects it with the main theme of the interior.

dining area The dining area looks regal in white with an interesting wall texture.

dining area A more spacious dining area with walls comprised of a mixed texture for more visual appeal.

piano On the other side of the wall is this piano. It looks really nice in white isn’t it?

second floor apartment An Eiffel Tower is seen on the wall to the stairs leading to the second floor apartment.

bedroom I love this bedroom especially the background of the shelves. I’d try to do this to my bedroom too.

mural designs On the other side of the wall is a mural of a city. And yes, a television too.

bathroom The black and red colors were also used in the bathroom. This combination is a winner for me!

master bathroom This one is the master bathroom with lovely textures on the ceramic tiles and some pops of pink.

M09 Residence If your space has a vaulted ceiling, this will give you an idea on how to make good use of it as a bathroom.

Lovely! I like how poetry was written all over the wall of the living room. I also like the design of the interior as well as the color combinations too. Well, this is one interior that is truly inspiring! It is designed by Widawscy Studio Architektury who shows us that when you integrate your likes and interests into your home, you will never go wrong. Instead, you will even be prouder of your space and you will love it even more! Agree?